Can Win 2k server be set up as 'pass-through' router?

By seveninstl ·
I'm working in a small office. Win 2000 Server is set up as a router to share the internet connection and to give remote employees access to a 'private' website they use to keep up with client info. (So, it can't be set up as a VPN).

A second server is set up as a file server. While traveling, the employees need to access files on the file server.

Is there a way to set up the Win 2k server as a 'pass-through' router that would allow the second server to act as a VPN server?

And just so this isn't too easy... the second server is a SUSE Linux machine :)

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as is, it's a pass through "router" because it doesn't filter packets

by CG IT In reply to Can Win 2k server be set ...

but it won't forward packets because RRAS isn't enabled. RRAS provides routing functions as well as remote access authentication.

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RRAS is enabled...

by seveninstl In reply to as is, it's a pass throug ...

that's what is being used for IP routing - delivering the internet to all the workstations. (All filters are disabled though, so yes it technically is a pass-through router, I guess).

My question still remains, can anyone tell me of a way to 'pass' the VPN request through this server to a server 'inside' the network?

I'm willing to experiment :) I'm just not sure where to start right now.

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create a static route in RRAS.

by CG IT In reply to RRAS is enabled...

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