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    Can Win10 be stopped yet from resetting without permission?

    by agarpichedheknatha ·


    About three years ago, I discovered that my new Win10 tablet was willing to reboot itself to install updates, no matter what I had open. It’s the single worst inversion of how software is supposed to work that I’ve ever seen — I’m the user, I don’t need your permission to please not have my stuff erased. (Offering to let me set certain hours where it won’t do this is about as generous as promising never to randomly stab me in the face when the sun is out.) I did a lot of research and tried a lot of things, but apparently there was no way to stop this behaviour. The only working kludge I found (by mistake at that) was cramming my HD so full the update couldn’t be downloaded, an approach that obviously has some drawbacks. So I’ve never even considered upgrading my PC from Win7, which works perfectly fine and doesn’t pull this crap.

    Unfortunately, some gaming communities I’m in are starting to require programs which require Win10 (mostly via Python now insisting on it). So I’m looking down the barrel of finally putting it on my PC. I refuse to do it if the reboot thing is still happening, but that was a while ago now. Where do things stand with the current version? Does it finally let you disable this utterly intolerable behaviour? Failing that, is there at least a better workaround?

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      I do not own any W10 tablets.

      by rproffitt ·

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      But we do run W10 on some hundred PCs at the office and not one does a reboot on its own during use.

      Maybe I misread what you really want but here we let W10 install updates on shutdown and startup so it’s good to go for the day or week.

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