Can Windows XP be installed on a Dell XPS 430?

By Psybergenic ·
Hi there. I would appreciate some help.
I have bought a dell Xps 430, which came with Windows Vista premium home.
The machine is for use as a music production system.
As expected most of my vst plugine and instruments does not run stable, or at all.
Therefore I want to downgrade the machine to Windows XP professional Service pack 2.
On my previous machine all was running fine, but the machine was old.
Got the Quad core and 3 GB ddr3 ram, specifically for making music.
I try and format the system, but as soon as Windows setup boots from the installation CD, and starts unpacking brand new machince blue screens with pci.sys errors.
I found an apparent solution to make a slip streamed bootable XP service pack 2 disc, as my version of Windows is witout service pack 2.
Apparently making a slip streamed bootable XP SP 2 disc is the only solution for this problem according to everything i have read on the subject.

After successfully making the disc and trying to format again, i still get blue screen error messages, saying my hard drive might have errors or a virus, adn I must perform chekdisk /F
I have tried everything, but still get blue screen after blue screen when I want to format pc with Windows XP.
This copy of XP works fine on all my other pc's
and I have never had a problem with it, and the disc is also as brand new and not damages, and tested it again on my other machine and it works on it.

So i'm left to believe that you can't format an XPS 430 with vista back to XP.

Please help as I'm out of solutions and the machine will be worthless to me if I can't use my music software i want have been using.

Many thx.

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Firstly what have you done to the HDD here

by OH Smeg In reply to Can Windows XP be install ...

Typically with Vista preinstalled you need to wipe it with something like Kill Disc or Boot & Nuke

Kill Disc

Boot & Nuke

This is required because Vista has a slightly different formatting than XP has and you can not format a Vista Formatted HDD with an XP Install Disc.

Is that the issue you are running into here?

If it is not it could be related to requiring SATA Drivers which by default are not provided with XP you need to press the F6 Key and then insert a Floppy with the SATA Drivers copied to it's root to install these under XP, with Vista you can use a USB Device to install the SATA Drivers but not with XP.

To get around this on computers without a Floppy Drive you need to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc with something like nLite and include the SATA Driver as well as any other specialized Drivers that may be required. Typically you add things like Sound, Video and Chip Set Drivers and any Service Packs or Hot Fixes that you have and make a Install Disc specifically for that computer so that it is only of any use with that computer. With nLite you can include the Required Drivers and product Key as well as a Automated Install Process and Service Packs to speed up the install process.

but if you do chose to use nLite make sure to read the directions for use listed on their Web Site under Guides here


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by Psybergenic In reply to Firstly what have you don ...

Hi Col.
Thx for the help.
The machine came with the original
Drivers, vista disc.
As it was a 500 GB drive, I partitioned
the drive into 2.The reason for this is
because One partition is for OS and 2nd
partition is for streaming audio samples.
Thats the ideal way when a sytem have only
one hard drive.
Well as i can not format the VISTA hdd with the XP disc, this is most likely the problem
as u have described, so I will give this a go.
Will come back when I have some result or no result.
Once again thx for the help.

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You're Welcome < NT >

by OH Smeg In reply to VIsta HDD
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by balge In reply to Can Windows XP be install ...

bit late now but personally I would have dual booted to get XP on the machine...
The reason you need SP2 or up is to support PCI-e, that shouldnt be a problem now youve slipstreamed.
Is the hard drive SATA? you may need to load the SATA drivers to boot the disk.
Have you reformatted the drive, Vista bootloader doesnt seem to like XP much
Also did the HDD have a recovery partition, make sure youre not trying to install on that

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by Psybergenic In reply to PCI-e

Yes i'm aware of the PCI-e issue.
That was the reason why i made a slipstreamed
SP2 disc.
Hard Drive is SATA.
No I have not reformatted the drive.
I partitioned the originla hard drive into 2 sections, and sure I'm not reinstalling on
new partition, or recovery partition.
Bottom line I cant get into Windows Setup
with XP disc, to even get to the part where
you need to choose how and onto what part of system you want to install.
Blue Screening on Windows Setup load.

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by IC-IT In reply to Can Windows XP be install ...

Are you sure you can find drivers for your machines hardware? A quick check of Dell support only shows Vista drivers. You should document the installed hardware and search for the drivers.

You may have some luck in trying some compatibility tweaks for the applications that use the plug-ins.

Right click the executable and click the Properties option.
Select the Compatibility tab.
Select the Run This Program in Compatibility Mode option.
From the drop-down list, choose the operating system you ran before upgrading to Vista.
If necessary, select the option to run the program as an administration.
Click OK.

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by Psybergenic In reply to Careful

Yes I have tracked most of the XP drivers down.
And The XPS 420 before the XP 430, has mostly the same componenets, and XP drivers for that is available.
I have documeneted installed drivers.
No OS was ran on machine before VISAT and i did not upgrade to it.
Dell XPS 430 comes standard with Vista install, and they do not support XP on it.

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by IC-IT In reply to Carefull

Good checking, sounds like you are on your way.
My last post was a bit misleading. I cut-n-pasted an answer from an old post of mine.
It should have read select XP. Your older programs could be installed and then you can try comp. mode to get them running right.

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