Can wrong installion of cpu fry the motherboard?

By willsbon ·
Hello dear TR Comunity
I have this HP Vectra vl400 dt, which I was trying to install 256 m of sdram on each slot, one has touble data and the other just one side data. and I got this msg the computer could not startup this cpu accept only... I cant remember precisely what it said, but it was talking of ram memory and I whent ahead and replace the 815 intel Celeron Processor or Pentium III with another one that I tought it bettee. so when starting the pc I got this message (0031-ae microcode was not found in the system bios for the installed cpu) after pressing f1 it still startup anyway. and when I google it I was told to download an update bios, but it needed bootable cd or disket something like that. so I now decided to go back to my cpu, but this time it like something when wrong with the pin, ( those many golden pin you find on pentium cpu) dont know if it called pin). some were not more straight. Dont know what happened, may be I place something heavy on it, just cant recall. But the real problem was that I couldn't longer put it back b/c I didn't know how it really suppose to be place and some pins were bend, So I was figuring out how it can be put back, and tryed straightening the bend pin,.. then some got broken, about 5. So when replace it did go in and I had to press it hard and it when in under hard strugle Thank God it has finaly entered, I said, but did not know that I have just dig my grave. Behold when I plug in the the power cable and and hit the power button. After 5 to 10 second I got some fuse or was it some chips you kow smelling, something had burned, what could it be? NO IDEA!! and emmidiately it started touble biping so fast for about 15 seconds and stop then take a slow bip about 5 time and stop. Now when I turn it on, it repeat the same scenario even if I change the cpu and put the one that was booting with an error message notthing.

So the fan is turning and it's bipping and at time when and plug in the optical mouse it light up but at other time it wouldn't. So can it be that the board is gone or could it be another thing else? The cpu maybe!!

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If you break any of the CPU Pins the CPU is destroyed end of story

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can wrong installion of c ...

If you do not insert the CPU the correct way into the Socket which is a Zero Insertion Force Socket so you don't have to push, it fries the CPU IMMEDIATELY the time to destroy the CPU is measured in a fraction of a second.

Depending on the M'Board Chip Set type it can also destroy the M'Board and if you look at the underside of the CPU the side with the pins on it you will see one corner is not all of the way to the corner and this has to go into the socket in the same manner so that the pins line up with the holes in the socket.


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Reponse To Answer

by willsbon In reply to If you break any of the C ...
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Depends on the Motherboard

by yeshwanth560 In reply to Can wrong installion of c ...

There are rare cases is MOBO is going to die. CPU more than 100%

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You done...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Can wrong installion of c ...

You done fried the CPU and I'd bet $$ the motherboard is toast as well. NEVER force a CPU into a socket. It should just "fall" into place.

I remember a story from a professor in college that said he put one in backwards by mistake once and turned it on; the CPU EXPLODED into pieces.

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Reponse To Answer

by willsbon In reply to You done...

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