Can yahoomail auto log in to an account that has never used my computer?

By get2dean ·
Is it possible for yahoomail to auto log in (on my laptop) to an account that has never been used on my laptop? I was traveling internationally and, therefore, bouncing between many wifi networks in different countries, including crowded airport/plane networks. When I arrived home, I went to yahoomail and it automatically logged in to a complete stranger's account. Does this make sense? My thinking is that somehow, between all those shared wifi connections, someone's log in got "into" my computer. As may be evident, I'm not too tech savvy and I'm very curious about this. If it matters, I use a Macbook and Safari. Thanks.

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While not likely anything is possible

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can yahoomail auto log in ...

However in this case it's much more likely to be a computer error at Yahoo's end that logged you into the wrong account.

Though you still need to check your NB for infections and clean as required.


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Contact Yahoo - they should know about this.

by seanferd In reply to Can yahoomail auto log in ...

Yahoo mail is web mail, and doesn't even live on your computer.

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