Can you create a "Black Hole" where pings enter, but are never returned?

By billclewis2 ·
Could you create a void in your computer "face" on the world, a virtual "Black Hole" where pings from other computers can go to die, where there is no return from your computer back to the sender.

If the remote computer is trying to sniff out open ports that they can attack or are security openings in your system, it would seem that if you accepted the ping, and let it bounce around without a response to the sender, that any security deficiencies you might have would never be disclosed.

I look at the maps that McAfee displays as part of its security suite and find it profoundly interesting that I get pings from very remote computers that I have no idea how or why they would be interested in me. If my computer was "silent", did not respond, then they could never determine whether their inquiry was effective or would receive any indications of an opening that could be exploited.

If this can be done, i.e. absorbing the ping without a response, how would you go about it?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Can you create a "Black H ...

You can do this quite easily using Windows Firewall in the ICMP area:

1. Open Properties of your Local Area Connection.
2. Select Advanced, Settings
3. Select Advanced tab
4. Select ICMP Settings
5. Untick 'Allow incoming echo request'

Now when someone tries to ping that computer, no response will be given.

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by Kiltie In reply to Ping..Pong

decent firewalls will allow you to specify stealth settings per port or all ports.

Even full stealth, which seems to be what you are after.

Try the Shields Up!! test from Steve Gibson's Gibson Research Corporation's Web Site.

It's a free test of your computer stealth settings.

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