Can you create a wireless access point from wireless access?

By johnnymac79 ·
I have wireless access from a neighbor and my wife's Mac can connect just fine. I have a HP laptop and a Playstation 3 that can't connect or has a very weak connection. Is there a way to boost or re-create the signal that my Mac is receiving, with or without wires and a router?

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A few things to try...

by Maelgwyn In reply to Can you create a wireless ...

Yes it is possible to recreate the signal, however there are caveats to this.

Firstly check where the router is in relation to the devices. Are the other devices on the other side of the house? Can you get a better signal by moving the laptop to the router? If that is the case, then the router is too far from the devices. Id recommend finding a more central position for it. Things such as phones, microwave ovens, steel frames etc can affect its range.

If that doesnt help, I would get another wireless access point (no router) and connect it to the router by a ethernet cable. This will 'boost' your signal without slowing down the network. If your router and access point supports it you also can use rebroadcasting, but it will slow down your wireless network dramatically.

Finally, you can connect the devices that are not receiving the wireless signal with ethernet if its no more than 100m away from the router (as the cable length can only be 100m)

Hope this helps - its not a definitive solution BUT it should give you some options

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Do you have an agreement with this neighbor to use their wireless?

by SKDTech In reply to Can you create a wireless ...

If not you need to talk to them first and get their permission. Having their permission you can purchase what is known as a wireless bridge which will replicate the signal.

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by johnnymac79 In reply to Do you have an agreement ...

yes i do. what kind of info do I need to find the right type of wireless bridge?

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Having not set one up myself before

by SKDTech In reply to Agreement

I would assume you would need the same information for the bridge device as you need for PCs and PS3 to connect, ie network SSID and passkey

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