Can you disable DHCP discovery in CIW on SBS2011?

By Gordinho ·
Hi, am trialling SBS2011 in VM on the same wire as a production DHCP server. The CIW fails when it sees DHCP from what it says is a router (it's not, it's just detecting another Win32 DHCP box in the LAN)

I can't disable DHCP in the production environment but need to run through this CIW in order to evaluate some features in SBS.

Was hoping someone might know a registry hack to trick the CIW into skipping the DHCP server discovery?

cheers in advance

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Request for Clarification

by robo_dev In reply to Clarifications

Is your question really how to set a static IP address in SBS?

If you have SBS running as a VMware guest, you can define the network any way you want for the guest...even setup another subnet for that.

Not sure what CIW is.

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a problem solved

by Gordinho In reply to Can you disable DHCP disc ...

I just waited until the other folk on the same wire as the production DHCP server were off line, disbale that server, ran the CIW (connect to internet wizard) on the SBS, then disabled DHCP on the SBS server. This then let me run through the upper layer configurations...

The problem is that my XenServer (VM host) is on the same subnet as the production DHCP box. Ideally I'd have it on a different subnet with no bootp relay so the SBS server would never have seen it...

oh well, fixed now


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