can you find out if an iphone has tracked by your parents

By IC12 ·
to find out if an iphone has been jailbreaked for tracking ect.

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Don't know.

by santeewelding In reply to can you find out if an ip ...

Both mine are dead.

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They however could

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Don't know.

Still be tracking you to make sure that you remain a

Good Little Boy.


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Jail breaking is easy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can you find out if an ip ...

Though I'm not sure if it's legal in AU yet.

If it's working on a Network that it wasn't sold with then it's been Jailed Broke.

As for the rest I have no idea but I would suppose the one who pays the bills has control over what if any settings are used. That would be able to be checked through the Provider if you have the right credentials.


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There are several ways...

by TobiF In reply to can you find out if an ip ...

to track a mobile phone.

1. You could install some application that "phones home" with information GPS coordinates and possibly includes information about traffic and usage. I'd guess several people have developed this kind of application. And such an application would typically try to hide itself (like a rootkit). On a PC, you may sometimes conclude that you have an active rootkit by comparing system information through the normal channels against information that you collect on a much lower level, where it will be much harder to hide. I don't have any iPhone (and don't plan to either), so I have no clue, how to test for rootkits.

1B. Such an application could also simply gather data, which later may be read by the "auditor" directly on the phone (or captured via wifi, for instance). This way, mobile internet usage wouldn't give out anything, either.

2. Don't forget that it is also possible to track a mobile phone from the network, without any special applications whatsoever on the phone. A mobile network needs to keep track of the phones. Otherwise incoming calls couldn't be delivered. And this information can sometimes be aggregated and used for other purposes, as well.

Edit: Added point 1B

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