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Can you get an IT job without using an agency?

By msmiles03 ·
My boyfriend has been looking for an IT job for months, and he keeps applying for jobs on websites and sending his resume to agencies in Boston, Indianapolis, and Chicago. They call him and tell him that they like his resume, but nothing happens after that. I asked him why he doesn't just apply directly to the company in need of an IT person, but he says that he has to apply through an agency. Is this true? I mean they are calling about jobs that are for only 3-12 months!

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Depends on the company

by JamesRL In reply to Can you get an IT job wit ...

Some companies prefer to do their own searches, some prefer to use agencies, some only use agencies if they fail to find enough candidates on their own.

If the jobs are for contracts, more companies prefer to use outside agencies for contract work for a number of reasons. But don't turn your nose up at contract jobs, they count as experience and you make good contacts. And some companies will convert a contractor into a full time employee - I've done it as a manager.

To be honest, I would always counsel people to do both - keep in contact with agencies and look on your own.

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let your boyfriend try to get in contact with an many firms as possible

by ismail.magued In reply to Depends on the company

Now is the time for him companies may be looking to hire for the 2011.

Your boyfriend is better off contacting as many large firms as possible.

Let him send his resume off to HR divisions preferably of larger organizations and cold contacts for large multinational corporations.

He should have a good look at his resume and know exactly what his level of experience is.
Corporations especially multinational really respect a man who knows his level of expertise.

It is sort of like a lesson a self discipline exercise, a firm is more likely to employ your boyfriend if they can fit him into their organization.

Usually his qualifications need to be sturdy at least 5 to 12 years solid track record depending on the position he is looking for.

Your boyfriend should contact family members or old friends who might have contacts in the industry they could give him a cold contact to end to that could turn out to be his big break.

You and him must exercise patience and perseverance.

Even if a firm likes his background it will take a while to sift through and select the match that is as fitting as possible to their needs and eventually they will pull his cv out

Last of all let your boyfriend must put together a short concise resume including points as well defined as possible.

Emphasis must be put on track record and what he can offer to the firm and position he is applying for .

Please if you dont mind email me a copy of your boyfriends resume and let him draft a cover letter.
I will look at it for him and see what I can add to make his resume more competitive in the selection process.

my email address is
please feel free to email me his resume

Mr. Ismail Magued

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one small amendment

by john.a.wills In reply to let your boyfriend try to ...

He should send his CV not to the HR department, which will not understand it, but to the IT department, which will forward a copy to HR as needed.

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Do you like spam?

by TobiF In reply to let your boyfriend try to ...

If not, consider editing your post to take away your email address.
As an alternative, you can update your profile here at TR to enable other TR members to send you private messages, which will be forwarded to your email address.

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by msmiles03 In reply to let your boyfriend try to ...

Thank you for the information. I will pass it along to my boyfriend.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Depends on the company

I second that: Keep in contact with agencies and look on your own...

One more addition to contracts. I am currently a contractor, along with my coworkers. When one company loses a contract to another, "the Client" will usually tell the new company to hire some of the contractors that just lost the contract. The "new" company will then offer the "old" contractors a job... And most of them have played this game already. So they use it as another way of getting a pay increase.

When I first started I posted up on Monster jobs, career builder, and looked through the papers. I sent out about 100 resume's in a few months. One of the company s that I applied to gave my resume to the contracting company, which then interviewed me... In turn I have a job...

So in conclusion, send out as many resume's as you can, and eventually someone will bite! Plus the more interviews he goes on the better he will be at doing interviews... Interviewing well is always a plus too!

Good luck!

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by msmiles03 In reply to Depends on the company

Great info...Thanks so much!

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My job hunting experience

by JamesRL In reply to Hmmm....

The thing you have to fight when job hunting is apathy - the feeling that you will just have to sit and wait for something to come to you.

Job hunting should be treated like a project that is a full time job until you start work.

It helps to get out of the house. I attended a weekly job hunting club. I went to lunch with people I had worked with before. I talked to friends, and friends of friends. You have to build a network of contacts who know you are looking, and who will contact you if they hear of an appropriate job posting.

If he finds an agency that seems to have a number of appropriate jobs, he should try to get to the agency in person and spend 15 minutes discussing a job and reviewing his resume. I did that on a number of occasions.

I also asked my friends who were managers what agencies they used, and asked for introductions to any good contacts they had there. That got my foot in the door in a number of places.

Its important to have a great resume.

I went to a seminar by this guy, and I know he has great resumes and tips on his site. He also sells his services, but he does provide free advice as well.


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Of course!

by unhappyuser In reply to Can you get an IT job wit ...

I've never used an agency to get a job. With some companies you may need an inside connection (e.g. friend ot former coworker). Any company that uses an agency is not always going to get the best applicants. Tell him to think outside the box. He needs to "network" and get his name out there by talking to former cowrokers, friends of friends, etc.

On another note - maybe his resume needs polishing? He should have some professionals look at it and ask them for advice on how to make it stand out.

Tell him good luck!


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He should also make himself easier to find

by TobiF In reply to Can you get an IT job wit ...

Make sure he is visible on LinkedIn, with a well filled profile, as many contacts as possible and membership in suitable groups.

He should also make himself contactable, either by linking to such information from the profile that he can be reached. Most effective is a "personal plus" accound, which cost a certain amount of dollars per year, but allows anyone on LinkedIn to contact him free of charge.

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