can you give suggestions on building a small cloud?

By will_smith ·
i am looking to build a small cloud based solution with the minimal expensise needed.

i can get a HP blc7000 chassis, fully loaded with 16 blades and each blade has 16 gigs all for around $7000.
my budget is $10,000

what i need help is finding a NAS / SAN / iSCSI solution within that 3 grand range. any thoughts?

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Depends on how much space you need

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can you give suggestions ...

These things start from a few hundred $ for a 2 TB size and work up from there


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Reponse To Answer

by will_smith In reply to Depends on how much space ...

aah, not a bad product. but i am not sure if i would run cloud based servers off of thecus nas servers. it looks to be a great product if its storage or a data backup solution. its a great price though!

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Small Cloud Network

by subhomoy.chakraborty In reply to can you give suggestions ...

First you need to draw the fuctionals. The purpose of the network, locations to serve, the network architecture. Once you have these then you can focus on the specifications.

Make a step by step functional plan.. what you want to achive.
An execution plan (project plan)
Then the network architecture.
Then weigh the requirements for each componenet of the architecture (Tech Specs & compatibility which will support all your fuctional requirements)
Then Budget each componenet, Negotiate for the best buy.

Put all the pieces of the puzle, and then bind it with a strong, timebased execution plan.

All the best !!

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One More Input

by subhomoy.chakraborty In reply to can you give suggestions ...

Anyways, Since this is on the cloud, You can start with Online storage and gradgually as your requirements increase, chip in more. This will help casual erosion in the budget and incremental changes. Just remember to ensure the technical compatiility of the upgrade.

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