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    Can you help me fine my way Home?


    by rpl ·

    I’m a system administrator for a public library. Somehow, a patron has managed to change the Internet Explorer homepage on an NT 4.0 workstation. The public user profile does not have access to the Tools/Internet Opitons menu in Internet Explorer,nor does it have access to the Run command or any other way to access Regedit that I can think of. I’d really like to know how someone was able to change the IE homepage on this “locked down” user profile, and also how I can change it back.

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      Can you help me fine my way Home?

      by tmaclennan ·

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      The user probably changed it innocently enough–many internet pages offer the ability to set themselves as the current home page. Click a button–it takes no great brains.

      As for setting it back, and making the change permanent, I suggest creating a registry file of the proper settings, then reimporting them automatically on reboot.

      Create a file called TEST.REG with these lines in it:

      [HKEY_USERS\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
      “Start Page”=””

      To run the file from the command line, type:
      REGEDIT test.reg

      This merges the file, and your new default home page is at TR.

      The easiest way to create a .REG file is to go to another machine, edit the registry, choose the key you need, and “Export Registry File”.

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      Can you help me fine my way Home?

      by craig it mangaer ·

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      You could make sure a single profile is setup and made mandatory for all users. This .man profile will override any changes made during a session and revert back to a read only copy at next login.

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      Can you help me fine my way Home?

      by smurfman ·

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      There is an easy way to do this when the IE icon is displayed on the desktop. Simply right click on the IE (Internet Explorer) Icon and choose properties. In doing so, you can see all the settings including the default home page. There are a few ways that you can modify this.

      One – Take a chance at getting the the IEAK kit and set up IE the way you want.

      Two – along the same lines, take your chances with writing a policy for IE or finding one on the web. This way you can re-write the registry settings as the public user logs in.

      Three – And I think this is the way I would do it, is to take the REGISTRY setting that is described above, for where the default page is kept in the registry, and put it into a logon script. Supress the messages to the user that the registry was edited by using a /s at the end of the statement to merge the KEY into the registry. In doing this no matter how hard a user tries to destroy the default page, jsut reboot and vwalla it is restored back to what you want.

      Well, Good luck.


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      Can you help me fine my way Home?

      by ewing bettles ·

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      All answers so far are correct. I’ve ran into this same problem for public access PCs used in our local libraries. The only way I’ve found to prevent the registry change mentioned for the Home Page setting is to restrict access to that portion of the registry as Read-only for the patron account. This can be done using REGEDT32.EXE. Be careful when modifying the registry, especially its permissions.

      While logged into the computer with an administrative account, open REGEDT32 and select the HKEY_USERS window. You will need to load the profile hive for the patron account as a subkey in order to modify its settings. Select the HKEY_USERS root and then choose “Load Hive…” from the Registry menu. Browse to the location of the patron’s NTUSER.DAT or NTUSER.MAN file and choose to load it into a new subkey, named differently than any other subkey that you might have under HKEY_USERS. Once loaded into the registry, you can navigate the subkey just as you would HKEY_CURRENT_USER, make any appropriate changes to keys or values as necessary, and then select the subkey that you loaded and choose “Unload Hive” from the registry menu to take it back out of the registry (Unloading the hive is very important, if you don’t then NT willcreate a new profile for the patron account the next time it is used to log in, thinking the original is in use). To modify the registry permissions for the subkey that contains the IE home page, navigate the path,

      HKEY_USERS\\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
      and select the subkey “Main”. Choose “Permissions…” from the security menu and set the permissions in much the same way as you would set NTFS file permissions. Remember, it is important to not circumvent the system and administrators default permissions as this could lead to an unusable registry hive and possibly an unstable or unusable operating system.

      Good luck, -Ewing

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      Can you help me fine my way Home?

      by rpl ·

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