Can you help me with this problem?

By Jeffac2 ·
Easiest way to explain my issue was to do it this way. The link is a excel doc converted to an htm file. Read it and hopefully you can help me.

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OK I have to ask

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can you help me with this ...

What other Boot Disc's other than Hirens have you tried?

Also formating the HDD by no means means that it's clean and not infected many infections can survive a Format as the normal Format only writes to every third Sector of the HDD and a Fast Format does even less. If you want to be sure you need to run something like Boot & Nuke

or Kill Disc

To wipe the HDD. You should also test your HDD with it's makers Testing Utility which can be downloaded free from here

But I personally would try a full Diagnostic Test with something like the Ultimate Boot CD and scan the entire system for problems. It's available free here

To completely test your HDD you need to run the Makers Test and if it passes your OK but if it fails you need to remove the HDD fit to another computer and retest. If it passes the second Test the M'Board, Data Lead or Power Supply in your main computer is faulty and you need to test each item one at a time to find out and replace which is the faulty component.

if the Hirens Boot Disc works then you'll also get The Ultimate Boot CD to work as it works exactly the same way as Hirens.


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This is what i did.

by Jeffac2 In reply to OK I have to ask

I used whatever kill disk is on Hirens bootcd, it took 84hours to complete then i reformatted it in ntfs.

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OK that's OK then

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to This is what i did.

But I would still test with the HDD Makers Testing Utility to make sure that the HDD is working correctly. Most of those Testing Utilities are on the Ultimate Boot CD and it's a great Diagnostic Tool to test Hardware.


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also have you tried

by .Martin. In reply to Can you help me with this ...

un-overclocking your CPU?

I have seen OC CPU's do what you are describing.

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Guess that page needs an update.

by Jeffac2 In reply to also have you tried

I reset the BIOS thinking it was the problem. I took the CMOS battery out for 5min.

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