Can you hold a clearance once convicted of a felony?

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Hello all,

After graduating college, my drinking habits were that of a Heathen, I received 2 back to back DUI's within a month...being 21 years old I moved on with my life, had a successful career in the government, I received Confidential and Secret clearances for the type of work that I was doing, 9 years passed,( I was the definition of a functional alcoholic).. right when I thought that my life was pretty well in order... I got hit with another DUI, New law in Virginia stating smell of alcoholic beverage was enough for them to nab me. And since, it was considered 3 DUI's in 10 years, Virginia State Law convicts you of a Felony...Now being a year sober and being convicted of a Felony today!!!! I am wondering what will happen to my job, and my clearances... please lay it on me !!

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by robo_dev In reply to Can you hold a clearance ...

According to 50 U.S.C. 435b Section 3002, employees of any federal agency, government contractors or active duty members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps convicted of a felony, sentenced to a prison term exceeding one year and incarcerated for more than a year cannot have access to special access programs or restricted data.

The three levels of government clearance are designated as confidential, secret and top secret. If your government position only requires confidential or secret clearance, you may still receive clearance regardless of your record depending on certain mitigating factors. The current law only restricts access to top secret level clearance.

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