Can you install Novell 6.5 on XP

By putermikey76 ·
I am installing Novell Sever 6.5 and would like to use Windows XP and Windows 7 as workstations in a business environment I dont want to have to install the Novell Client software can setup with a non client install?


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XP should be OK as this was released in 2003

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can you install Novell 6. ...

Well after XP was in service but 7 is very unlikely to work.

Have you tried the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser on a system running XP to see what M$ Says about Novel?


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Tentative yes - what is "XP non client install"?

by seanferd In reply to Can you install Novell 6. ...

You aren't going to use the client installation program? You intend to use the XP box as the server?

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can I use Client Netware i

by putermikey76 In reply to Tentative yes - what is " ...

I would like to not install the novell Client software use the net ware 6.5 if possible??? in the you could use client for net ware??

please reply

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These are all parts of Netware.

by seanferd In reply to can I use Client Netware ...

You have to have a Netware server installation to run the network - serve files, provide security/authentication, etc.

Workstations connected to the server need to have the Netware Client installed to access the network controlled by Netware. The Client installation is still Netware 6.5, as is the server.

You can run the Netware server on a PC, but it is its own OS, and will not be running under XP. Netware Client software will run on the workstations under most operating systems.

It may be better if you explain what it is you are trying to accomplish. Someone could then make a recommendation.

You may want to see the Novell site for documentation, etc. Have a look at this first, maybe:

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