Can you manage copier access in Active Directory?

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I havent reached out to you in a while, but I run across you in linked in every once in a while and wonder how your golf game is. I know you and Oliver used to golf prior to his operation and i don't know if he is back yet - haven't spoken to him in a while.

I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer for - and I know you have intimate knowledge with this,so I think the answer may be easy and quick for you.

The Situation:
I have set up some copy machines that use LDAP to authenticate in windows for various uses, i.e. user mailbox access, user restrictions from color copying, etc. There is one machine that we would like to restrict access to from all but one department (sales).

The Question:
Can a machine that is not running AD be put into a group and have policies applied to it. i.e. make a computer group (salescopy) and apply a GPO to this group that restricts all users from logging in except the group 'sales'.

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