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Can you name that virus?

By gbrownlee ·
Hello: A while back, maybe 6 months or so, I read about a virus[?] that prevented the installation of virus checkers.

If you can come up with the name for this particular piece of malware, I shall be so grateful as to post 500 points for you in Support Republic-Other section. Thanks!


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HI Greg

by Oz_Media In reply to Can you name that virus?

There's actually quite a few that disable AntiVirus systems. As for diabling installtion of Antivirus, this is also common as many viruses will infect the Windows Installer and all installs will be corrupted until the virus is removed. This makes it so people without protection won't be able to easily install AV and clean up.

One that specifically comes to mind is Bagle and the several variants of it.

Also Goner worm and Bugbear seem to infect the Installer.

Other than that, I suppose just about ANY virus named, any real threat, will also corrupt Windows Installer and make it impossible to install AnvitVirus software.

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Need to boot to the CD

by jdclyde In reply to HI Greg

Need to boot to your Anti-Virus cd and run a full scan from that.

This keeps the virus from loading in the first place so it can't hide from you.

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Backdoor Approach

by willcomp In reply to Need to boot to the CD

As Oz said, there are a number of viruses that either disable anti-virus software or the Windows installer.

I've found three workarounds, that usually help.

1. Install an anti-virus other than common ones (e.g. Norton and McAfee). AVG will work in many cases.

2. Use Stinger to identify and remove. Good for older viruses, may not catch new ones.

3. Do an on-line scan using Housecall if web access is still available.

Good Luck


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thanyou my friends

by gbrownlee In reply to Can you name that virus?

Sometimes these geezer brain cells don't seem to spark quite right.

There are points for oz_media, jdclyde and willcomp in the support-other section.


PS: Question closed!

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Well I hope you got some answers

by Oz_Media In reply to thanyou my friends

While I certainly don't discount anyone's reply, we were all just kinda tossing out ideas. Did you actually have a bug you are trying to fix? Did you fix it ?


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