Can you Overwrite DELL with ADIC Firmware?

By ncrancher ·
We recently purchased a DELL ML6010 which is basically an ADIC i500 with the DELL badge and firmware. All of our libraries are ADIC and we wanted to use one of our LTO3 drives from an ADIC i500 in the DELL ML6010. Fits perfectly, however the library rejects it and since it's the only drive in the library I can't rewrite the ADIC firmware with DELL. So.... I'm wondering if its technically possible to overwrite the DELL firmware with the latest ADIC firm therefore making the tape library an ADIC i500. Has anyone done this before? I know it's against support etc, possible risk of curruption etc.. but we don't have any support anyway for this unit.

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Without some extreme hacking

by robo_dev In reply to Can you Overwrite DELL wi ...

I really seriously doubt that this will work.

Most firmware update programs will not blindly overwrite any ROM that that see, but typically will query the existing program and get some sort of identification string, e.g. Dell ML6010 version xxxxx. Then the ADIC installer will fail, saying that no compatible hardware is found.

In order to fool such a program, you need to either hack the installer so it ignores the existing ROM (greatly increasing the risk that you brick the unit). Or craft a hacked version of the ADIC firmware to use with the Dell-supplied utility.

All of the above is not specifc to what you've got, but I am very familiar with how firmware updates work.

In most cases it does not hurt to try, but I'd bet a beer that the firmware update program simply borks at the first step of the process.

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And in this case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can you Overwrite DELL wi ...

While Dell may sell the product and it's made by ADIC it's specially made for Dell by ADIC and is engineered to only have support from Dell.

This isn't uncommon as many Hardware makers make Specials for their big customers so that they appear not to work with the Makers Supplied Updates and only with the Buyers Offerings.

While it's possible it requires a lot of Hacking around and effectively you need to rewrite the ROM which defeats the purpose.


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