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Can you pull webmail into outlook?

By John_Doe ·

The company currently uses webmail for ease of collection around various sites. We need to send messages to these accounts via a CRM package, but theses can only be collected form the crm client from outlook. Therefore i need to be able to collect webmail through outlook for certain users. I am sure this is possible, but seem to be going round in circles, getting nowhere.


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by BFilmFan In reply to Can you pull webmail into ...

You can pull via IMAP or a POP3 account.

Check with your webmail vendor to see if either format is available for downloading messages.

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by Omnicef In reply to Can you pull webmail into ...

It is very probable that these webmail accounts can be set up in outlook as POP accounts. Just leave a copy on the server in the advanced settings. If it is hotmail, you need a premium account to POP the account.

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by C O R In reply to Can you pull webmail into ...

Outlook XP and newer versions also support some Webmail viewing. Hotmail and Gmail can be set up in Outlook fairly easily. Just add a new Email account and select 'Internet Email'. As long as you have the name of the webmail server, This should work.

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by steppenwolf60 In reply to

We have a small business. We have multiple webmail accounts that are different depending on a specific part of our business. We have one Outlook in Office.
Would like to be able to have Outlook pull these emails in but keep the email from the separate accounts separated into unique folders or unique PST folders for each email account so we can download and check each account by itself without all the emails cluttering each other up. Can I do that in Outlook? Thanks very much.

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