Can you recommend a SMALL VPN solution?

By jdclyde ·
I have three locations that need to have the hardware VPN link up at all times.

6 pc's and 4 servers at the main location, 3 pc's (winXP) at the other two locations.

So, I need three vpn boxes.

I ALSO need to be able to connect via either a VPN client or PPTP connection, from home offices or on the road. Would not need more than 5 concurrent connections.

Is there a solution you have used and are satisfied with?



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consumer level usually is 5 max

by CG IT In reply to Can you recommend a SMALL ...

but if you have 3 locations that need persistent VPN then your left with only 2 available.

Sonicwall TZ 170 is a good middle level choice as well as a Cisco SMB device. Symantec Gateway also is a pretty good choice for VPN as you can get different levels of # of connections.

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Have you used the SonicWall?

by jdclyde In reply to consumer level usually is ...

I had a first generation SonicWall, and it was a nice little box, but the VPN just did NOT work.

If they have that working nicely, I would really like to go with that as a solution.

Cisco would be nice because of working on Cisco certs and all, but am sure the price is a bit steeper than the SonicWall.

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Re: SonicWall

by christianshiflet In reply to Have you used the SonicWa ...

I use both the SonicWall TZ170 and TZ2040. The current VPN client is actually quite stable. The site to site VPN between routers is consistent and easily configured. If you want more detail, please let me know but I highly recommend the SonicWall VPN routers.

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Like christianshiflet the TZ170 with the Global VPN

by CG IT In reply to Re: SonicWall

client is a very good solution. Cisco stuff doesn't have to be pricey though it can be. They are trying to get into the SMB market and their ASA routers are really very good for VPN.

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by jdclyde In reply to Re: SonicWall

Hearing from people that are actually using the product means a lot.

Like I said, I tried using their first generation product, and everything EXCEPT for the VPN worked like a charm. I was sad when we had to move away from them as a product line.

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Re: Thanks

by christianshiflet In reply to Thanks!

Yeah, the previous versions of the Global VPN client had some weird issues with connectivity like it had to be connected before opening a web browser or it would hang during authentication or connect but allow no traffic. Since version 4, though, I have had no problems with it at all and I use it almost every day.

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