Can you reistall windows XP without a disc?

By redhead9 ·
I understand that i need a disc, my friend rebuilt my a computer, one hard drive has XP (because he couldn't find his disc) and the other is a 320 GB hard drive that i just keep my stuff on. I want it to be my own and to stop see the original guys name, also to get rid of useless info. Im starting, but i know a good bit about computers. I understand how a boot works, i have made a fedora disc to boot, i want to use XP. I fallowed steps on a website to make a xp boot cd, i wrote it to a file, it is over a Gb, so i couldn't write it to a disc. I compressed it, but it didn't work, I'm not sure if it would help anyway. So, if it's possible, help me. If i can make a disc i want to use my 320 Gb drive, otherwise clear the other drive, put it all in my name, and run windows off of that.

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by seanferd In reply to Can you reistall windows ...

No, you cannot install without installation media, but...

Is there a recover partition for the OS on the drive?

Is there a folder named "Options" or similar in C: or C Windows (possibly elsewhere, depending on OEM) which contains all the installation files?

You can edit all the "name" information.

Where, specifically, do you wish to change the name? Registered owner, user account, etc.?

Registered owner:

User account:
Create a new account as your own. Transfer over any documents that are yours.

Create the new account as a limited user (never surf the internet as Administrator).

If the old account is an Admin account, just rename it to Administrator again. If it is a non-Admin account, or duplicate Admin account, you can delete it after you are positive all software, etc, works in your new account.

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