can you retrieve data of a cracked mini DVD RW? desperate!

By laurizzo ·
i am so gutted, one of my siblings has failed to look after a really precious dvd with footage of my recently deceased dad resulting in a large crack in it!!!
i'm literally beside myself
basically its a mini dvd rw
the crack goes from the inner circle all the way to the outer edge
the crack is just on the label side
there is no visible foil damage when looking at the readable side of the disc under a bright light
the crack is slightly larger than a about the width of a very thick hair
is there any hope of retrieving the data on the disc!!???!!!!

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Have you tried playing it?

by robo_dev In reply to can you retrieve data of ...

I don't believe you could make it worse by attempting to play it, as there is normally not any stress on the disk.

I would contact a data recovery firm of some sort:

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yes, i have... it doesn't register the disc

by laurizzo In reply to can you retrieve data of ...

thanks for the link, i will look in to this

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Be careful with the disk, then,

by seanferd In reply to can you retrieve data of ...

as this indicates that the important foil bit inside is warped or tearing.

You will be sure to make backups of such important things in the future, I hope. Note also that burned CDs & DVDs do not last forever under the best conditions. Depending on the quality of the blank media and the drive used to burn it, a disc can last from a couple of years to an average of ten years for decent media. People are already losing important stuff all the time because they don't burn new copies every several years. Also because things like certain data formats and media readers become obsolete (like vendor-specific codecs and disks).

Best of luck recovering your lost footage. I hope you have success at least in finding out that the data is recoverable. If you simply cannot afford the service, there may be other options if you are willing to risk the disk and put in the time and brainpower as a last resort.

If you do ship the disk to a recovery house, make totally sure that the package cannot be bent or crushed!

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Well it's possible but it's not cheap

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can you retrieve data of ...

I would suggest placing the Disc in a Cover and sending it to a Data Recovery Specialist in your Area.

They need to read the Disc at very low speeds so that the rotational forces involved in playing it do not adversely affect the Disc and cause it to shatter.

When you make initial contact with the local Data Recovery House ask them if they can recover Data off Recorded Optical Media. If they can not find another place that can.


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by laurizzo In reply to can you retrieve data of ...

thanks for your advice, i really appreciate it, fingers crossed.

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