can you run win7 home in xp mode?

By baxt76 ·
I have purchased a laptop running win7 home basic,
only problem is I cant run half my progs,
it doesnt have an option to run in xp mode.
Is this feature just hidden or cant it be done in H/B, all the other win7 versions have this option why not H/B?

Thanks in advance.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to can you run win7 home in ...

What programs exactly are you trying to run?

See here>**1/run-xp-mode-on-windows-7-machines-without-hardware-virtualization/ but I don't think it's possible for home basic.

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For XP Mode you need a version of 7

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can you run win7 home in ...

That is Professional or Higher. The different versions of 7 have different feature sets so the ones like Home Basic are the Basic versions which have little included and the higher the version the more that it is capable of.

Here if you want XP Mode you'll need to Upgrade the OS to whatever is available in your Country. Normally Ultimate. This just involved buying a Ultimate License and entering the Product key to enable the rest of the features of Ultimate.

Of course depending on what Software it is you want to use here there may be licensing Issues.


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Not available in Home editions.

by seanferd In reply to can you run win7 home in ...

Why not? Same reason there is more than one version. Some things are not available in all versions. In the Home version, you didn't pay for the license to use a copy of XP, among other things.

Your laptop may not have the power to run this anyway, if it is a "home use"-type laptop. XP mode is a virtualization scheme which runs the XP OS on top of 7.

Have you tried compatibility mode? This has been available in Windows versions for a long time, and perhaps it is all you need. The compatibility tab shows on file properties pages for executable files.

If your laptop does have the processor power and RAM, and if you own a <i>retail</i> copy of XP which is not installed on another system, you can install it into a VM using Virtual PC, VirtualBox, or VMWare.

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thanks everyone

by baxt76 In reply to can you run win7 home in ...

I thought that mite be the case,
it does have the power to run a vm machine so I think that's the way to go.
Thanks for all yr input :^)

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win7 home in xp mode

by Hanns In reply to can you run win7 home in ...

Is there a "workaround" (e.g. tweaking or adding some files to the Win 7 Home edition) in order to install and run the XP mode?
Somebody other than Bill Gate should have tried, no?

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