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can you tell me how to fix a compatability issue with windows 7

By guitarmanjhc ·
I have to ask , why, windows 7 preium, I have a presario laptop and am using separate monitor keyboard and mouse, I used to have windows xp on my desktop pc but have out of disk space issues, so I'm using my new laptop, currently am having compatibility issues with windows 7, my games won't run , example Age of empires 3 shows error as incompatable with windows 7, it worked fine before on xp. is there any software out there that can help resolve issues and allow me to still play my favorite games, also Need for speed when I had win 98 never could work with windows 7 either please help me.

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Try Winxp mode

by markp24 In reply to can you tell me how to fi ...

Heres a link on how to use XP in in a virtual windows per Microsoft (YOU DO NEED wINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL, ULTIMARE OR ENTERPRISE FOR THIS.)

otherwise try dual booting windows XP and win 7

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install in compatability mode

by Sue T In reply to can you tell me how to fi ...

have you tried installing the programs in compatability mode for Windows Xp? Or if they are already installed I would try running them in compatability mode to see if that worked before I uninstalled and reinstalled using compatability mode. This usually works for me, I have only had some very specialized software that wouldn't work until I setup XP mode on the computer.

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Reponse To Answer

by guitarmanjhc In reply to install in compatability ...

Im not aware that there was even an xp compatability mode at all. this is all new to me since I'm so used to win 98 and xp as I find every version of windows seems to have that problem older versions of software are incompatable seems a shame since I'm on such a limited income. disability and there is no way I can afford to buy new software most of it I got on a clearance table at a discount place like a dollar store, but the Age of empires 3 I paid almost 50.00 for it and I also have quicken 2000 whiich won't work either bugger all my bank information is on that I guess I just have to figure out how to reformat my old hard drive which is 40 gb and partitioned into 4 drives. really frustrrating since drive C is full less then 500 mb free, so goes my battle , even though I hold a certificate in micro computers but note the date 1987 kind of out of date if you know what I mean.
thank you

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Aside from the previous good suggestions,

by seanferd In reply to can you tell me how to fi ...

do realize that not all your older software will run on a newer version of Windows. This is the way it has always been, and the way things will continue to be.

Sometimes applications will run perfectly normally until you try to use one feature or command, then bam!, it throws an exception.

Definitely try Sue T's suggestion. Right click the program executable, choose properties, and find the compatibility settings. If that doesn't help, uninstall, then reinstall after choosing XP compatibility for the installer. (You may even repeat the same for the program executable afterward, just to make sure.)

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Well provided you have not upgraded the OS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can you tell me how to fi ...

On this HP to anything else you don't have much in the way of Options Windows 7 Home Premium only has Compatibility Mode no XP Mode or ability to run a Virtual PC Environment.

So if your software is not compatible with 7 and a lot of XP software is not compatible with 7 you only have 2 real options.

1 Upgrade to the Professional or Ultimate Versions of 7 through the Upgrade Option or

2 Scrap the Incompatible Software.

Even if you do upgrade to the Higher Versions of 7 which have XP Mode or the ability to run Virtual Modes there is no Guarantee that your Incompatible Software will even work and even if it does it's going to be considerably slower in the XP or Virtual Modes than it would be if it was running on 7 Natively.

The easiest option here is to Scrap the Incompatible Software and Hardware that you may have and buy new Software & Hardware that is designed to work with Windows 7.

Also in addition there are different Flavors of 7 Home Premium there are 2 distinct versions a 32 Bit and a 64 Bit Version and these are not interchangeable so if for instance you have a 64 Bit Version it may not support the Older Software written for 32 Bit Systems and no matter what you do some software just isn't going to run on the 64 Bit Version of 7. If you have a 32 Bit version of 7 it's more likely to be able to run more of the older software but even still there are limits and on top of that it limits the ability to upgrade your NB beyond what is currently fitted. Currently most new systems come with a 64 Bit Version of 7 as it supports much more hardware and well in excess of 4 GIG of RAM where as any 32 Bit system Can Not address more than about 3.25 Gig of Total System RAM. So if you have 4 GIG Fitted and a 1 GIG Video Card you'll have nearly 2 GIG of RAM being unusable.

However as you still appear to have your XP Desktop have you considered fitting a Bigger HDD? These are cheap with a 750 GIG HDD retailing for somewhere around the $100.00 mark and unless you have some really small and cheap Desktop you'll be able to fit another HDD and move some of your Data & Programs off the C Drive to give you more space and room to grow.

You could even replace the existing HDD with a bigger drive and use some free Software like Clonzilla or one of the Utilities from the HDD Makers to Clone the Old Drive to the New Bigger Drive and stop your current issues with not enough space left on the HDD.

That way you can continue to use your Old Obsolete Software till you either get rid of your XP Desktop or get sick and tired of playing those games. Though to be perfectly honest the associated Hardware if it's old enough will unlikely to be usable with 7 so things like Scanners, Printers and Web Cams may be incompatible with 7 and need replacing with new versions. Also some Routers are not compatible with 7 so if you are using a ISP Supplied Router/Modem you may need to retain your XP System to allow Internet Access from the 7 System or you'll need to replace the Modem/Router to get the 7 system to be able to access the Internet.


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Reponse To Answer

by guitarmanjhc In reply to Well provided you have no ...

thanks for that information, I got the presario with windows 7 installed but they did not include the Cd so I guess if I wanted I could install windows XP from my CD that I own. I really don't care for the problems I'm having but I don't know how to go into xp mode or even if this computer has that option it's new and I have yet to discover all it's features, I"m glad at least I can not have to use the annoying pointer device and use separate monitor much larger, keyboard and cordless mouse. it's fun this way and I have poor vision so it's a big help. thank you again for the good suggestion.

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Reponse To Answer

by guitarmanjhc In reply to Well provided you have no ...

I guess I was wrong, there is no compatability with windows 7 premium so I'll just have to try and use what I have and get my main desktop fixed soon or uninstall windows 7 and install xp from my cd on to my laptop, not sure if this is gonna work cause I want to stay updated with all the latest technology. but on a low income budget it's tough to do things like that. avice is great and thanks for all the help.

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RE: I guess if I wanted I could install windows XP from my CD that I own.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can you tell me how to fi ...

Sorry but that's not Legal unless you have never used that XP Disc previously.

Windows 7 Home Basic doesn't have a Backward License only Professional and Above has that option.

Also the XP Disc you do have has to be a M$ Branded Install Disc not a System Makers Disc which is a Recovery Disc and is not a Full Version of Windows. It's made specifically for the hardware that it was supplied for and is limited in what you can do with it.

HP however provide a Recovery partition which allows you to return the NB to As New Software Load by pressing one or 2 keys during the POST process. The full Directions for this will be in the Owners Manual.

However it destroys all Data and installed Software on the HDD and during the First Boot after the Recovery partition has been activated you need to enter your Name & Product Key from the COA on the bottom of the NB.

With your Desktop provided you have some spare space you can resize the 4 Partitions with a Free utility like G Parted available here

Though depending on how you have the drive Partitioned it may be a bit of messing around.


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here is a link to a how to

by Sue T In reply to can you tell me how to fi ...

for compatability mode.

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Virtual PC may work for you

by SeeSeeRockett In reply to can you tell me how to fi ...

Microsoft Virtual PC may work for you if the CD of Windows XP you have is the retail CD and you still have the product license. Your results will depend on program requirements and the specs of your computer (amount of RAM, etc.). You can download Virtual PC from Microsoft here:
You will need to select the link for "Virtual PC without XP mode" then you will be able to select the Windows version you have without getting an error. I hope you can get your favorite programs running.

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