Can you use a 3.5" hd enclosure with a 2.5" hd?

By lamentofking ·
The title says it all. Can you use a 3.5" hd enclosure with a 2.5" hd? Will it rattle around or does it just not work at all? You can always stuff some foam or something inside with the drive to keep it stable right?

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Only if it's fitted for the 2.5 drive.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Can you use a 3.5" hd enc ...

If the enclosure is designed to accommodate both sizes, yes. But, if it's not designed to handle the 2.5" drive, no. You can't just 'stuff' the enclosure with foam or something to keep it stable because it won't be able to cool properly.

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If this fitment were mounted in a tower ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can you use a 3.5" hd enc ...

There would be an adaptor kit that screws into a 5.25 inch drive bay, which can be adjusted to cater for either a 3.5 inch or a 2.5 inch drive. The principle of this being, that the metal adaptor and the accompanying screws, create a METAL frame to fit the intended hard drive and that metal frame becomes an inherent component of the heat sink abilities of metal, thereby dissipating any generated heat away from the drive into the surrounding metal framework.

If you stick a 2.5 inch HDD into a 3.5 inch casing, surrounding it with polyester foam, what do you reckon all the HEAT is going to do??

Melt ~or more likely combust!!~ the foam, resulting in a foul acrid smell, a build-up of heat, potentially a fire, and most definitely the end of the life of the encased hard drive.

My tower has three properly fitted HDDs as I type and these HDDs currently have temperatures of:

HDD-1: 28'C (82'F) - Windows 7 system disk
HDD-2: 34'C (93'F) - Data storage being written to
HDD-3: 25'C (76'F) - Unformatted disk - only connected

These HDDs also have cooling air constantly flowing across them from the front air-intakes of the tower.

I would shudder to wonder how short a lifespan they would have if I denied the flow of cooling air and then cocooned them in insulating foam.

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Here is what you would need.

by ken In reply to Can you use a 3.5" hd enc ...

You need to adapt the drive size and the connector. Here are some options:



This company has many other options both for physical and electronic adaptation

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Have you recently had your DENTURES seen to? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Here is what you would ne ...

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Exactly which form of Stilted do you mean.

by ken In reply to Have you recently had you ...

1. a) Pompus, lofty
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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Exactly which form of Sti ...
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Depends on what you need to do here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can you use a 3.5" hd enc ...

If it is a IDE Drive you need a Power & Data Adapter lead to connect a 2.5 Inch Drive to a 3.5 inch Enclosure. The connections are completely different.

However when it comes to SATA Drives the Connectors are exactly the same even though the 2.5 Inch drive only uses the 5 V DC side and not the 12 V DC part that comes with the external enclosure.

As for stuffing the enclosure with Foam or something no this is not a good idea but there are plates that are available to adapt a 2.5 to 3.5 inch HDD so it can be correctly mounted.

Though why anyone would want to use the much more Expensive 2.5 Inch Drives in a 3.5 inch enclosure is a bit beyond me as you could fit a larger 3.5 Inch drive cheaper than a smaller 2.5 inch drive.

The 2.5 Inch drives are more expensive than the 3.5 inch drives and to all intents & purposes for external Enclosure applications not as reliable.

However if you just want to read data off the drive there isn't an issue with a 2.5 inch SATA being used in a 3.5 inch enclosure and if you have the Adapter you could do the same thing with a IDE Drive.


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what do you mean by plates?

by lamentofking In reply to Depends on what you need ...

Are you referring to specific metal plates that were made for making the hd sturdy or just any kind of metal plate?

Well I just want to use it to put media on. I already have a 2.5" hd lying around and in my local retailer, the 3.5" enclosure is cheaper. I don't plan on moving the enclosure around. It will only sit in place. So with that being the case, do I need any of those plates? Surely the 3.5" case by itself is enough?

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The IDE Adapter Kit looks like this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what do you mean by plate ...


And if you put on the Data & Power Connector the wrong way you will immediately blow the Circuity of the Enclosure.

Also when you factor in the cost of the Adapter Kit the 2.5 Inch Enclosure will be considerably cheaper. You could even try looking at places like E Bay for these Enclosures. But realistically between Heat and Vibration they will kill any External HDD faster than anything else and if you want to use this HDD a lot you need a Actively Cooled Enclosure to help prolong the life of the HDD in it. Antec make the MX1 that is suitable for Full Time use but if you don't have something like that you need to realize that you will be shortening the Life of the HDD if you constantly use it in an External Enclosure.


OH you had better believe that these Actively Cooled Enclosures are far more expensive than the cheap enclosures that so many seem to want to sell.


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Good enclosure for cheaper price

by lamentofking In reply to The IDE Adapter Kit looks ...

I'm not looking to spend anymore than $30 here on an enclosure. The hd itself already costs alot.


That one says it handles heat well. Why isn't it good?

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