can you use a TV anywhere card

By A_Dusty1 ·
I hate win7 can I use winXP with a TV anywhere card and Nivia game card with the extra desktop computer I have? Thank you Dusty

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by ---TK--- In reply to can you use a TV anywhere ...

What is the make and model of the TV anywhere card? You could check the manufacture's website to see if its supported.

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Thank you.

by A_Dusty1 In reply to question...

Will definately dig out the box the card came in and the information booklet that came with it. Silly Me didn't even think about going to website.
Thank you TK

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Microsoft also have a Windows 7 upgrade Adviser

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you.

That allows you to test the existing Hardware & Software before going to Windows 7. It's available free here

However having said that from my experience it only seems any good for 32 Bit Versions of 7 so if you have a 64 Bit Version you need to look at the Hardware Makers Web Site and see if they provide & 64 Bit Drivers. There are numerous occasions where 7 Drivers will not work with a 64 Bit Version of 7 so you need specific 64 Bit 7 Drivers. These generally affect Scanners & Web Cams so it's entirely possible that they could also affect Video Tuners/Capture Cards.


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No problem :)

by ---TK--- In reply to Thank you.

We all tend to overlook the little things every now and then :).

Just as a suggestion, you might want to think twice about Win 7... But it also depends on what hardware it is running on, which will greatly impact the overall performance of the OS.

If you want to give it a shot again, feel free to post up the issues you are having with it! I will agree that "out of the box" its pretty annoying, but after a few tweaks here and there it really runs smooth.

Just some food for thought! Best of luck!

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