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Canadian Government Discriminating...

By Jaqui ·
against F.O.S.S.

My response to them because of it:
I think this Article is quite clear:

I'll add to that:

Since Microsoft Software is notorious for not being securable, any Government of Canada Computer running Microsoft software put's that Government Agency in direct VIOLATION of the Privacy Protection ACT.

UNTIL such time as the Government of Canada has removed ALL Microsoft Products from thier computers, putting them incompliance with the F.I.P.P.A. I can honestly say that the chances of the Goveernment of Canada, in any AGENCY will get ZERO information of a confidential nature from me.

since we currently are in the middle of a Federal Census, and the site that will not accept Linux for an os is to do the Census online, I will not be filling out or returning a census form. Which is a Federal Crime here. ]:)
let them charge me, I'll charge them with discrimination and violation of the F.I.P.P.A.

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Census on paper

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Canadian Government Discr ...

-IF- you wanted to comply with the law and complete the census, I'm sure you have other options besides using a computer. How about a paper census?

I'm not addressing the issue of the security of using MS products to store the data. While I'd have said, "Microsoft software is notorious for being left unsecured", or "for being difficult to secure", that's not my point. My point is if you don't give them info because they've failed to secure the data (an assumption on your part), you've got bigger problems than the census. Not providing tax information is what will get you, not a headcount. If you're really serious, you may want to talk to a lawyer about whether you stand a chance with your FIPPA suit. I'll be happy to contribute to your legal defense fund, assuming the site will work in IE.

MS software is easy to secure. Don't boot the CPU :-)

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by johns In reply to Census on paper

So.... let's see.... they don't want to fill in the report because its web site won't take a linux.... so the best advice I've seen is fill out the paper form and mail it in.

Then some underpaid clerk can type the info into a database on a computer running...... get ready now.......


Of course the other possible thing is to just not respond at all and go to jail in Canada, or move to the States where you'll learn that government is not your friend at all.

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You need a lawyer, buddy.

by apotheon In reply to Canadian Government Discr ...

I hope you have legal counsel, if you're going to be trolling for lawsuits.

I know a few lawyers, but they're not Canadian. I guess you're on your own, pretty much. If you want some help putting together a website to solicit donations to your legal defense fund, though, let me know.

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by Jaqui In reply to You need a lawyer, buddy.

easily come by... after all it's cause they have microsoft systems that I'm refusing, the anti microsoft legion will fund it.

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You could also most likely

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to funding?

Get a Government Grant to support a case against using MS products as well so maybe if you have the time to waste it might be a worthwhile excercise.

Personally I don't have the time to waste on things like this but I do know a couple of people who Live For Court and they are really scary people as they constantly talk about what's happening this week in Court or how the Authorities are out to get them particuarly when they have the audicity to actually win the case against the odds.

One person has been at this for well over 16 years now and they have changed their name and are constantly in hidding and only pop up when they want to get into Court. I don't know about the Law where you are but here all we are required to do is return the Forms there is no obligation to actually fill them in but you have to comply with the Law as Restince Is Futile! :^0

So I just ask for an envelope and seal it up with a blank form inside before they collect it. Once I've done that I've complied with the Legal requirments and the Government even though they don't like it have to accept it and they can not bring any Legal Action Against me for failing to comply with the Legislation.

Col ]:)

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blank paper

by Bluron In reply to You could also most likel ...

doesn't work in canada. the way it is worded, it is the infromation they require. you could probably send it on toilet paper, as long as its in a form that matches their requirements. also here in canada, to change ones name, you must appear before the court and a judge before its legal. man they have us comeing and going in this country with to many bloody laws that don't always make a lot of sense. Jacqui, good luck with your defiance.

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Where will they get the money?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to funding?

"...the anti microsoft legion will fund it."

I didn't think you anti-MS guys had any money. Isn't that why you use that inferior free stuff?


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U Ain't Lyin!!!!

by brvfd In reply to You need a lawyer, buddy.

I think getting Lawyer is your best bet because unless you have a real cause to defend this sounds like a FRIVOLOUS lawsuit. Save money & time. 1. Fill out the paper form 2. Place in envelope and properly postaged. 3. Drop in mailbox. 4. Task complete. 5. Relax a bit & enjoy life.

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Official Canuck Census Information

by BFilmFan In reply to Canadian Government Discr ...

Name of Canuck: Jacqui

Spouse: She Who Must Be Obeyed, The Northern
Exposure Edition

Employment: Computer Weenie

Wife's Employment: Webmaster and Blog Writer

Children: One daughter, Minor, Likes Fairies and Barbie Dolls

Personailty: Curmedgeon in Training. Hates Microsoft. Loves Penguins.

Political Affiliations: He Man Microsoft Haters Club, Gnome Liberation Front, Political Action Committee to Re-Elect John Alexander Macdonald Prime Minister

Hobbies: Complaining about Bill Gates, Wild Linux Server Building Parties and mad tea parties

Jusst put some things like that on the official census form and have some fun with them. Keeps some government people amused at least....

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by Jaqui In reply to Official Canuck Census In ...

they only sent me the short form...

name, number of people, ages, income levels is all they want.

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