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    Canadian Government Discriminating…


    by jaqui ·

    against F.O.S.S.

    My response to them because of it:
    I think this Article is quite clear:

    I’ll add to that:

    Since Microsoft Software is notorious for not being securable, any Government of Canada Computer running Microsoft software put’s that Government Agency in direct VIOLATION of the Privacy Protection ACT.

    UNTIL such time as the Government of Canada has removed ALL Microsoft Products from thier computers, putting them incompliance with the F.I.P.P.A. I can honestly say that the chances of the Goveernment of Canada, in any AGENCY will get ZERO information of a confidential nature from me.

    since we currently are in the middle of a Federal Census, and the site that will not accept Linux for an os is to do the Census online, I will not be filling out or returning a census form. Which is a Federal Crime here. ]:)
    let them charge me, I’ll charge them with discrimination and violation of the F.I.P.P.A.

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      Census on paper

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      -IF- you wanted to comply with the law and complete the census, I’m sure you have other options besides using a computer. How about a paper census?

      I’m not addressing the issue of the security of using MS products to store the data. While I’d have said, “Microsoft software is notorious for being left unsecured”, or “for being difficult to secure”, that’s not my point. My point is if you don’t give them info because they’ve failed to secure the data (an assumption on your part), you’ve got bigger problems than the census. Not providing tax information is what will get you, not a headcount. If you’re really serious, you may want to talk to a lawyer about whether you stand a chance with your FIPPA suit. I’ll be happy to contribute to your legal defense fund, assuming the site will work in IE.

      MS software is easy to secure. Don’t boot the CPU 🙂

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        by johns ·

        In reply to Census on paper

        So…. let’s see…. they don’t want to fill in the report because its web site won’t take a linux…. so the best advice I’ve seen is fill out the paper form and mail it in.

        Then some underpaid clerk can type the info into a database on a computer running…… get ready now…….

        WINDOWS OS

        Of course the other possible thing is to just not respond at all and go to jail in Canada, or move to the States where you’ll learn that government is not your friend at all.

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      You need a lawyer, buddy.

      by apotheon ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      I hope you have legal counsel, if you’re going to be trolling for lawsuits.

      I know a few lawyers, but they’re not Canadian. I guess you’re on your own, pretty much. If you want some help putting together a website to solicit donations to your legal defense fund, though, let me know.

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        by jaqui ·

        In reply to You need a lawyer, buddy.

        easily come by… after all it’s cause they have microsoft systems that I’m refusing, the anti microsoft legion will fund it. 😉

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          You could also most likely

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to funding?

          Get a Government Grant to support a case against using MS products as well so maybe if you have the time to waste it might be a worthwhile excercise.

          Personally I don’t have the time to waste on things like this but I do know a couple of people who [b]Live For Court[/b] and they are really scary people as they constantly talk about what’s happening this week in Court or how the Authorities are out to get them particuarly when they have the audicity to actually win the case against the odds.

          One person has been at this for well over 16 years now and they have changed their name and are constantly in hidding and only pop up when they want to get into Court. I don’t know about the Law where you are but here all we are required to do is return the Forms there is no obligation to actually fill them in but you have to comply with the Law as [b]Restince Is Futile![/b] :^0

          So I just ask for an envelope and seal it up with a blank form inside before they collect it. Once I’ve done that I’ve complied with the Legal requirments and the Government even though they don’t like it have to accept it and they can not bring any Legal Action Against me for failing to comply with the Legislation. 😀

          Col ]:)

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          blank paper

          by bluron ·

          In reply to You could also most likely

          doesn’t work in canada. the way it is worded, it is the infromation they require. you could probably send it on toilet paper, as long as its in a form that matches their requirements. also here in canada, to change ones name, you must appear before the court and a judge before its legal. man they have us comeing and going in this country with to many bloody laws that don’t always make a lot of sense. Jacqui, good luck with your defiance.

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          Where will they get the money?

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to funding?

          “…the anti microsoft legion will fund it.”

          I didn’t think you anti-MS guys had any money. Isn’t that why you use that inferior free stuff?


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        U Ain’t Lyin!!!!

        by brvfd ·

        In reply to You need a lawyer, buddy.

        I think getting Lawyer is your best bet because unless you have a real cause to defend this sounds like a FRIVOLOUS lawsuit. Save money & time. 1. Fill out the paper form 2. Place in envelope and properly postaged. 3. Drop in mailbox. 4. Task complete. 5. Relax a bit & enjoy life.

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      Official Canuck Census Information

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      Name of Canuck: Jacqui

      Spouse: She Who Must Be Obeyed, The Northern
      Exposure Edition

      Employment: Computer Weenie

      Wife’s Employment: Webmaster and Blog Writer

      Children: One daughter, Minor, Likes Fairies and Barbie Dolls

      Personailty: Curmedgeon in Training. Hates Microsoft. Loves Penguins.

      Political Affiliations: He Man Microsoft Haters Club, Gnome Liberation Front, Political Action Committee to Re-Elect John Alexander Macdonald Prime Minister

      Hobbies: Complaining about Bill Gates, Wild Linux Server Building Parties and mad tea parties

      Jusst put some things like that on the official census form and have some fun with them. Keeps some government people amused at least….

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      Computer filing is not mandatory

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      My understanding is that all of us get a paper copy and I have mine already.

      Because it isn’t manadatory to fill it in online, I don’t think you have a case for a suit. To win a lawsuit, you have to show damages, and since you can fill in the paper form, how are you then damaged?


      • #3162022

        what lawsuit?

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to Computer filing is not mandatory

        I said that because they put on the paper form that I could fill it out online, then made sure I can’t by specifically not supporting linux I’m not filling anything out.

        they will then be able to charge me for not filling it out.

        then I will file CRIMINAL CHARGES against them, not a lawsuit.

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          Thats silly

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to what lawsuit?

          Filling it out on paper is the standard. Many people don’t have a computer at all. They can’t demand a computer to fill it in the form.

          Same things goes for tax filing – just because you can e-file does mean you have a right to it. Its an option. Not mandatory.


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          Actually James

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Thats silly

          If I offer a service, but do not make it eligable to someone with a physical handy cap, such as wheelchair ramps, or assistance to the blind, there is discrimination.

          If you make a service available, but exclude some from this convenince, that is questionable territory.

          True, he can not sue for damages, but it is not out of the question that this is limiting his options.

          Not a laywer, just hate them in real live…… ;\

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          by apotheon ·

          In reply to Actually James

          If it weren’t for the postage-paid harcopy version, he could maybe sue for the cost of Windows and a computer on which to install it.

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          Still doubtful

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to damages

          If Columbia, SC has computers available to the public at the public library, I’m sure Vancouver does.

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          Only if

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Actually James

          There is only discrimination IF the it refers to a government recognized minority. Blind, physically disabled, mentally disabled(that one may work), race, religion etc.

          [b]Having Linux is NOT considered being part of a recognized minority[/b], Jaqui is trying to state that because Windows has an inherent disability, that he can’t use his computer. ??? Uh yeah. pull the other one! :p

          Seen a lot of really bizarre cases, but that one’s a nutter.

        • #3161802

          Not the same thing

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Actually James

          Someone with a physical handicap doesn’t have it by choice and has no option to change it. Jaqui has decided to use a browser other than IE. He is not excluded from the convenience by the government, he has excluded himself.

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          thank you…

          by noemib ·

          In reply to Not the same thing

          ha, finally a voice of reason

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          I’m with James on that

          by oldbag ·

          In reply to what lawsuit?

          I fully plan on sending the paper version back (short form, thank God). It’s not worth turning on the PC and postage is paid.

          Sorry, but this is starting to sound like over-reacting to the fact that the governement has not had the foresight to hire Linux experts for the census. Ever heard of frivolous lawsuits?

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          Doing the right thing

          by eric.talbot ·

          In reply to what lawsuit?

          Being Canadian, i guess this is an amend you will get for that. From 50 to 500$. Getting OUR opinion widely distributed on the net is certainly more valuable i guess.

          In my case i will simply return the hard copy census, with a little note telling them they did not spent their money wisely. Perhaps newspaper and TV news should spend a least a 30 seconds on that.

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      Online is an optional service

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      Every address gets a dear occupant package with the booklets and envelopes to return at no cost.

      The Internet service is purely a value added service ot ease the process…by choice.

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      Any of you people see the movie called “The Net”

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      They had a program just like the one described in that article called [b]Gatekeeper[/b] which all the Government Agincies and big companies used and it allowed the developers to do as they pleased.

      Well Gatekeeper program sounds very much like that developed called the [b]Secure Channel[/b] even the name is similar.

      So I can see every Canadian who upsets the Agiency that developed this program suddenly becoming a criminal and disappearing from TR.

      By guys it’s been nice knowing you lot. :^0

      Col ]:)

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        That’s why I don’t , Not Online,Ever

        by aaron a baker ·

        In reply to Any of you people see the movie called “The Net”

        There is no way I would register anything including my pussycat, with the Government Online. You think Microsoft is bad? This is the place where they “Invented” The sieve.
        It can also be a Circle, we just call it Square Dancing in a round house;)
        Whenever you deal with the Canadian Government here you’re guaranteed two things,
        a}You’re in for a long chase and …..
        b} it will end when you’ve caught your own tail. 🙂
        Wag the Dog anyone? 😉
        If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know what hole I fell into. AAAAaaahhhhhhhh…….
        Bureaucracy, I think they call it. 😉

        • #3161679

          Hal, by the way

          by aaron a baker ·

          In reply to That’s why I don’t , Not Online,Ever

          Yes, I have seen the Net, Sandra Bullock?
          If it were real, this would be a truly frightening thing to happen to someone.
          Talk about no control over your own life.
          I most defenitely live to get even. X-(
          As a movies,it was ok,however if this happened in real life, can you imagine?
          Very frightening indeed,
          Aaron 🙂

        • #3161655

          OH my favourite word of all time

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to That’s why I don’t , Not Online,Ever

          Bureaucracy, I was always taught that if I couldn’t say something nice about one group then not to say anything at all now lets see……………………

          Dealing with the Breaurats only feels good when you stop it’s like hitting you head against a brick wall pointless and painful. 🙂

          Col ]:)

        • #3161636


          by apotheon ·

          In reply to OH my favourite word of all time

          Mediocrity corrupts. Bureaucracy corrupts absolutely.

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      Lawyers wouldn’t touch it

      by aaron a baker ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      I know quite a few very good Lawyers and they wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole.
      Why? It’s not winnable in court.
      In order for you to show malfecence you would have to show whereas by their actions, they “purposely” designed to the site to exclude Linux. A tough thing to do. Then you would have to prove that your reasons for this action weren’t vengeance motivated but that of a genuine concern that not all are treated equal. Although I see your point and understand your frustration, “I would be too” I can’t see how you could turn this into a viable, and most important, “Winnable” case in a court of law. Sure Microsoft is a sieve, but it works, Linux on the hand, for reason I don’t understand, doesn’t. So they decided to go with the sieve instead of trying to please everybody and make a system that accepts all forms at the same level of encryption.
      What you would have to do is prove that they left out Linux on purpose for the express plan of exclusion. Then you might have something. However, it’s one thing to know, it’s another to prove in a court of law and that’s where your trouble lies.
      As for the Circle? You have to ask yourself, “Is the Gov working for Microsoft or is Microsoft working for the Government?’ Kind of feels like the same circle doesn’t it.
      I hope you do find a way, it would serve them well.
      I live in Ottawa “Right Downtown” so if you wish , write to me and I’ll give you a list of lawyers.
      Good Luck

    • #3152527


      by tony k ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      …in all fairness, it’s only Unix people and article writers who think it’s not securable. Those of us who CHOOSE to work with it every day know better.

      • #3154550


        by apotheon ·

        In reply to Well…

        “[i]…in all fairness, it’s only Unix people and article writers who think it’s not securable. Those of us who CHOOSE to work with it every day know better.[/i]”


        “In all fairness, it’s only people who’ve pretty much never used a more secure OS enough to recognize the technical differences that think Windows is securable.”

        The truth of the matter is that Windows is [b]not[/b] securable, in and of itself. One needs to layer on all kinds of crap outside of Windows itself to get a really secure system, such as an external firewall (what Windows end-users call a “hardware firewall”, for some reason).

        Some people have worked extensively with both Windows and various unices and can make informed statements about the comparative characteristics of the two OS environments. Others have pretty much been limited to Windows, and tend to miss the little details that make unices fundamentally different from Microsoft Windows.

        • #3152248


          by tony k ·

          In reply to translation

 the last 20 years, I’ve had relatively equal experience with both unix and Windows, and I find a) Windows is more securable without all of the “crap” as you call it and b) I’d prefer to work with Windows because I don’t have to work as hard to accomplish the same tasks.

          I find people who have very little experience all around tend to think Unix is more secure because they don’t grasp that the same best practices that are used to secure one OS are the same that would be used on another. They tend to think you need to layer extra software on the system to compensate for their lack of understanding.

        • #3154145

          I’m glad it’s all a hallucination.

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to Actually..

          We must have been imagining the lack of a packet filtering stateful firewall in Windows, the necessity of multiple anti-spyware applications to get full coverage, the inability of Windows to properly separate user privileges, the failure of Windows to accrue effective patches for virus and worm vulnerabilities, the ubiquitous and unnecessary use of remotely exploitable services for mundane local operations (such as RPCs for logging in), the insidious system-wide threat that a single exploit can become via the insinuation of Internet Explorer into pretty much every corner of the operating environment, et cetera. It’s nice to know that these opportunities for system vulnerability, which do not exist on free unices, don’t actually exist in Windows, despite our years of experience that provide solid evidence that they do in fact plague our use of Microsoft Windows.

          I’m so glad you sorted that out. Wow.

    • #3152519

      From the top of the mountains

      by helpdesk dave ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      I will scream for all to hear: NO SOFTWARE IS SECURE, period, if you think it is, you are an idot and should not be allowed any computer. A dedicated hacker can crack ANY SOFTWARE. The best you can do now-a-days with ANY SOFTWARE is to follow security instructions to the letter and make it as difficult as possible by using a multi-tiered approach to securing your data. MS, Apple and Linux all have holes/bugs in them, let me repeat this ALL HAVE HOLES/BUGS in their software. MS has the biggest market share, has more hackers looking for holes. If linux or Apples had the larger share of the market ( than MS) the hackers would focus their attention on that software. With that said, if you think that MS is unsecurable and I know that MAC’s and Linux are also just as unsecurable, maybe the best thing to do is go back to paper and pens and see how the world economy that has become virtually completly dependant on computers to do their work crashes all around you. Sorry about venting this way but people act like one software package is better that another and they miss the point: human brain is more powerful than computers and anyone that wants to given: time, energy and resources can crack anything. Time to get your heads out of the sand and do your work, I know that hackers are………

      • #3152502

        Yes I know there is no totally Secure System and the phone lines

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to From the top of the mountains

        Can be listened into as well so once you’ve got over your Paronia you just realise that you have to work with what suits your needs best and does the job.

        For many this is Windows but for the life of me other than the [b]Expert Salesmanship[/b] I can’t see why that is. It’s not easy to use it’s down right hard to work with and way too easy to trash accidently just look at the Q & A section and see how many have deleted necessary INI files and want to know how to repair without reinstalling.

        Unix and therefore Linux had a programed [b]Back Door[/b] inserted into its basic code and was at the time unplugable but at least it’s harder to accidently remove something vital to the opperation of the computer and far easier to recover from well quicker at least.

        But this is the one argument that always gets me MS is A OK because so many people use it. Well I can tell you and if you have really worked with the above listed systems the big Money Making Business like Banks and Stock Exchanges don’t use Windows on their Servers they use either Unix or a form of Linux and with the ability to steal money in vast sums why in the world would someone try to take down a MS system when it’s way too easy? Sure there are always [b]Bragging Rights[/b] but today they will land you in jail very quickly if you go about bragging about what you’ve done.

        And Yes I know that the first case of what is now known as [b]Hacking[/b] happened on a Unix System from the Melbourne University where some people hacked their way in and then proceeded to wreak havock all around the computing world but these little freaks had to work hard and they didn’t have ny Laws to worry about as at the time there where no Anti Hacking Laws even though about let alone any means of actually tracking the perps down.

        But what I really find funny in the above post is that the Agency will only accept input from IE which can be ported to any Nix if you wish but the same data is being transmitted to them over some form of NIX Server from the ISP’s so why just confine your market to just one browser which is inherently unstable and leaky?

        I don’t evenbelieve that it’s the most popular browser but it could becalled that because every copy of Win has it installed by default even if it isn’t being used.

        The only truely secure computer is bolted to a solid concreat slab at least 25 feet thick inside a High Security Room at the bottom of an even Higher Security Building and is impossible to power up granted it’s ueless but it’s [b]Totally Secure[/b] :^0

        Col ]:)

        • #3152378


          by tony k ·

          In reply to Yes I know there is no totally Secure System and the phone lines

          “Q & A section and see how many have deleted necessary INI files and want to know how to repair without reinstalling.”

          What? INIs? We’re not talking Windows 3.1 here. There are some programs that still use INI files, but they’re not from MS.

          “Well I can tell you and if you have really worked with the above listed systems the big Money Making Business like Banks and Stock Exchanges don’t use Windows on their Servers they use either Unix or a form of Linux”

          Uh, check again. Most of the Fortune 100 companies have significant Windows usage in their server rooms, with Unix usage on the decline. My own company is high on that Fortune list, and is responsible for trillions of dollars per year in customer transactions, and are migrating away from Unix every day. We currently have two places where we use Unix: our webservers and for those hosting Oracle databases. However, our Intranet has always run on Windows boxes, and the project to move our outward facing ones off Unix goes into implementation next Wednesday. That leaves Oracle hosts, but we’ve already got a few running on Windows, and all current requests for new Oracle boxes are on Windows instead of HP-UX. By 2010, we hope to be 100% unix-free.

          Ernst & Young, one of the largest financial outfits in the world runs primarily on Windows, as do all of the banks within a 50 mile radius of here. I think you might want to peek out the Windows….pun intended. 🙂

        • #3154508

          Well as I need some extra money ;\

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Actually…

          Just point me in your direction and I’ll do some [b]Penteration Testing[/b] for you. :^0

          Honest I’m cheap I’ll only keep .1% of what I manage to steal from you. :0

          It took me 10 minutes to take over a 2003 Sever at a MS Security meeting I spent the rest of the day explaining how I did it to the MS Techs and Programers. The same holes are still there I might add to. :p

          But as I didn’t want to spoil the fun for the others so I just disabled a small function of the supposed Power Grid that that server was controlling nothing more important than the traffic lights which I turned all to red.

          Of course the boys from MS where so happy with my little effort I’ve never been invited back to participate in another sumit like this one and I know that they are still running them. Seems that they only want to talk to the [b]Converted Zombies[/b] and not look at the real problems that they still have. [b]Trusted Computing[/b] Yea Right On I’m just still not sure who it is that you are supposed to [b]Trust[/b] though but currently it isn’t MS! 😀


        • #3151942

          judging by what

          by bluron ·

          In reply to Well as I need some extra money ;\

          you, HAL 9000, just stated, i shouldn’t trust you either?

        • #3153427

          I’m not asking for trust

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to judging by what

          Just a contract to see if I can break into the system and steal from the company. If I can’t then what’s the problem?

          Of course if I can then there is a problem that may not be fixable in the short term. :^0

          Col ]:)

        • #3152638

          you are a bit

          by bluron ·

          In reply to I’m not asking for trust

          of a rogue huh. thats the way to have fun. you understand that i can’t get my teeth into anything that could mean breaking the law(did my share in my youth) that wouldn’t be koshar.

        • #3152632

          But if you are paid to inspect the system

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to I’m not asking for trust

          It isn’t illegial it’s called Penteration Testing. :^0

          Part of the work that I really like breaking things that I’m told are unbreakable. At one place the Head of the Government Agience insisted that their security was [b]So Good[/b] that it was inpenterable and he offered me a challange to try to get in. The next morning when he started up his Dumb Terminal he had a brand new Splash Screen which eventually drove him nuts and he got me in to remove it. 😀

          I put it there for free and only charge to remove it but I also pluged the hole at the same time so it was worth it to them. :p

          Where is the fun if you can not get paid to break things? 😉

          While these silly people actually think that they are paying me an Arm & a Leg for security advice I’m actually enjoying myself and would even do it for free but never mention that or they will stop giving me the work as they think that with the amount of money they are paying they are getting an expert. If I did it for very little or Free they wouldn’t appreciate it and most likely go elsewhere where they would be paying as much as they pay me and maybe not getting as good a service. Some people are just funny that way if they pay you unreasonable prices for something they are happy and if I charge them what I thnk it’s actually worth they get all snaky because it isn’t enough. I don’t know why it is so but as long as they are happy and paying the bills who cares. 🙂

          I used to try to give them [b]Value for Money[/b] but I was told that as I was too cheap I would no longer be getting any work so I increased the bills by 300% and it made them happy I’ll never understand Breaucrats or Bean Counters they just don’t make any sense at all. 🙁

          Col ]:)

        • #3153473


          by tony k ·

          In reply to Well as I need some extra money ;\

          Tell you what, tell me what the hole is that you claim is still there, and I’ll take it to the higher ups. Since guys like you can never back up their claims, this should be fun.

        • #3153433

          I can”t post that on a PUBLIC FORUM

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Thanks

          And you know that quite well as well!

          But if you would like to ring Mr OShea from MS Technical Support AU I’m sure that he’ll be only too willing to help you out. Just tell him that [b]That Mad Bastard from Brisbane[/b] suggested that you contact him and he’ll know who you’re talking about. Although being the good MS guy that he is he may claim not to know what it is you are asking for or even more likely think that you are one of those [b]Script Kiddies[/b] who is only interested in committing crimes and is unlikely to answer either.

          While you may be perfectly happy to disclose things like this to perfect strangers on a [b]Public Forum[/b] I’m not for reasons that will be obvious to even the most stupid [b]Windows Zombie.[/b] :p

          Now go feed those [b]Script Kiddies[/b] and just hope that they are so happy with your efforts to keep them happy that they don’t turn around and bite your hand off at the sholder.

          [b]I don’t support Hackers or their ILK and I don’t accept any that do in any form like you are asking for![/b]

          But if you care to attend a MS Security Meeting here in Brisbane AU just let me know and I’ll come in and break the system for you though unless you have someoone that I know & trust to vouch for you I’m very unlikely to tell you how it did it. By the way how long between the time 2003 ES was released and the first patch for a [b]Critical Hole[/b] was it? 😀

          Col ]:)

        • #3152903


          by tony k ·

          In reply to I can”t post that on a PUBLIC FORUM

          What a surprise, typical “super-hacker” response. Here’s the choices I see, in order of preference:

          1) You’re full of shit.

          2) You’re full of shit.

          3) You did find a hole, but it’s easily shutdown by following best practices and that’s what the security guy told you.

          4) You’re full of shit.

          Which is it?

        • #3152722

          Well lets see I did give you the name

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to I can”t post that on a PUBLIC FORUM

          Of the guy in charge of the Tech section of MS in AU as a reference point amd you still want an answer so there are several options here

          1 You are a hacker looking for an easy way in

          2 You are a F***WIT and just stupid

          3 You are a F***WIT and too stupid to understand

          4 You are a F***WIT and a MS ZOMBIE who will not accept any thing that MS doesn’t tell you

          5 You are a hacker looking for an easy way in

          6 You are a hacker looking for an easy way in

          7 You are a hacker looking for an easy way in

          8 You are a hacker looking for an easy way in

          9 You are a hacker looking for an easy way in

          10 You are a hacker looking for an easy way in

          Now which one would you like me to think it is? I already have my ideas though as anyone stupid enough to ask a complete stranger to post something like that on a [b]Public Forum[/b] lacks the intelegence to even be working in IT let alone be doing anything more than [b]Data Entry.[/b] Which isn’t working IT, it’s a clerks job.

          Do you know anything at all about [b]Computer Security?[/b] I very much doubt it as this is just [b]Plain ans Simple[/b] something that you do not ask for and for that matter would not consider answering to a complete stranger on a Public Site.

          You might be a nice 13 year old girl but I really have no need or intention to want to meet you in any form.

          As I lack the necessary Police powers to trace your posting address or can’t be bothered tracing your postings why should I answer and make life so much harder for the rest of us who are really involved in Computer Security.

          To ask a question like that in this forum only shows how silly or uninformed you actually are now would you like me to give you the E-Mail address of someone at TR to complain to about this responce? But you’ll have to Peer Mail me as I will not post that on a [b]Public Forum[/b] either!

          I also don’t try to hide from the rest of the Peers here and I’m easly contactable can you say the same thing? I thought not and I don’t even have to look at your Peer Listing to see that you Hide yourself and don’t contribute much either now I wonder why that is.

          [i]Edited because AU Adjiciteves are allowed to be displayed[/i]

        • #3153929

          Since I can’t reply to the last message…

          by tony k ·

          In reply to I can”t post that on a PUBLIC FORUM

          Anyway, firstly, I’m not going to call Oz just to check up on your story. It’s not up to ME to prove you know your stuff, after all.

          Secondly, you yourself are the one who comes off as the 13-year old. Excluding your poor spelling and grammar, your l33tness shows your true age.

          Third, I’m not worried about anything you post “feeding the script kiddies” because you don’t have anything. Here’s an idea: if you don’t want to tell me, which I could respect if you had a clue, hack a website and put a message up there for me. You could then charge that company to fix their site. It’s a win-win for you. Actually, add a third win since I’d hire you to do a penetration test on our systems. Since we pay almost seven figures a year for these kinds of services, you’d either be a fool or a fraud to pass it up.

          Finally, my TR “status” has no meaning to me, as it apparently does to you. I get my peer recognition from real peers, not anonymous 13-yo l33t haxors or clueless noobs trying to figure out just what that Start button does. Looking over your profile, I’m just as accessible as you are, Sparky.

        • #3153893

          You are entitled to believe what you like

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to I can”t post that on a PUBLIC FORUM

          But you could at the very least look up the AU Web SIte of MS and see if I’ve mentioned the correct person to contact. :p

          As for me knowing absolutely nothing I’m one of the first to admit it as the moment that I stop learning things is the day that I walk away from IT work as it will not longe rbe fun. 😀

          However I did notice that you didn’t address the question of the time between the release of 2003 ES and the first Critical Patch hitting the Update sites. Could it be because it’s because you don’t know or is it that you are unwilling to admit that [b]The Most Secure MS System Ever[/b] was falling over within a few days and in all likely hood had known flaws in it prior to it being released? B-)

          You should be happy in the knolledge that I’ve passed this entry point on and haven’t told anyone other than the MS People about it. Why is it that you have the need to [b]Big Note Yourself[/b] with MS? Even if you did know the hole you would only be telling them something that they already know so you wouldn’t be helping them at all. I really feel sorry for you particuarly with your total dependance on the belief that MS Windows is so great. It has a place in the market [b]Noting More & Nothing Less.[/b] 😉

          Col ]:)

        • #3151908

          Again, yuh-huh

          by tony k ·

          In reply to I can”t post that on a PUBLIC FORUM

          And, that would confirm what? That you’d looked at the site and gotten a name off of it? Yay.

          Okay, I don’t know how long it was. Frankly, I don’t care. That was four years ago, and the hole has been patched for almost as long. Problem solved. How long is it between Linux releases before critical flaws are found? Let’s see, the last X11 vulnerability was a couple of years. How ’bout this: does your vulnerability affect a locked down machine, or does it have to be put together by an idiot in order for it to work?

          As for my choosing Windows, I feel sorry for you. I’ve worked with pretty much everything that’s come out in the last 20 years, and I still pick Windows as my OS of choice. Is it perfect? Hardly. But, it allows me to get my work done without having to reinvent the wheel at every turn like most *nix-based OSes. Given my druthers, I’d probably spend most of my time administrating AS/400s still, but getting my real work done on a Winders box. You, you sit alone in your mom’s basement pretending to be a super-hacker to anyone that’ll read your posts, and when pressed on it, can offer no proof aside from picking a name at random from the MS sites. Sad little person.

        • #3151782

          :) :^0 :p :D

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to I can”t post that on a PUBLIC FORUM

          All the above are related to 1 person who whith limited Computer Security Knolledge and 56 KBS modem managed to hit the US Government Agiencies quite hard in an effort to find out any information on [b]UFO’s[/b]

          I hope you feel safe behind your 2003 ES Server and I’ll only make a passing mention of [b]Metadata[/b] which caught several US Government Agiences out quite badly recently.

          As for my mothers basment sorry but the house that she lives in doesn’t have one and as my youngest child in now 32 years old I’m sorry again but I don’t live with my Mommy. :^0

          Ask MS what the biggest problem with ISA is and I’m sure that they can tell you the answer. I also don’t need to look up Web Pages or download MS Power Point Slide Shows as I attend these meetings and speak to the people involved as well as attend the supposed [b]MS Advanced Security Cources[/b] mainly because I specalise in [b]Computer Security[/b] and if I had of posted the 3 lines of code that I used to break into the server at the MS Meeting or posted the Hole I would be just as guilty as the above listed person which I’m unwilling to do. :p

          But if I did you would then have every reason to keep your Unix/Linux/BSD servers in place as you would never be in a position to secure any Windows Server connected to an outside line let alone some form of Internet Connection. But I hope that you are happy in your ingornance after all if you know no better you can not be accused of being incompent and you’ll keep your job because they trust your opinion instead of getting an outside Security Consulant like me to come in and [b]Audit the Security of your Orginasition.[/b] 😀

          If you have to reinvent the wheel everytime you roll out a new application or service on any form of OS other then Windows you really shouldn’t be in a position of making these decissions as you obviously [b]Don’t know what you are doing![/b] :^0

          Col ]:)

      • #3154549

        educate yourself

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to From the top of the mountains

        You have some reading to do if you want to come off as less of a clueless newbie when it comes to computer security next time you post something here.

    • #3154547

      census !!!!

      by bluron ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      opened mine today. short form, this is a change because the last 2 times i’ve done this was the encyclopedia one. thats where you must write 10 discertations and 3 thesis. what gets me upset with this census is the fact that i was sent 2 questionaires. one in english and one in french. the government has way to much info on me and they bloody well know my language of choice is english. before you yell discrimnation at me, i am french, just prefer to use english. what bothers me is the wasted trees that this cost. the man hours spent in printing up the redundent and useless copy and the sheer laziness of census canada. they can’t be bothered to check back to see that all the censuses i have done in the past 4 decades have been in english. this is a prime example of burocrats padding their wallets with useless work. this money could be better used but hey what am i thinking. this is of course the government. spend money yes, save money no.

      • #3152107

        “burocrats” …

        by gildawie ·

        In reply to census !!!!

        … and you claim to be French?

        • #3151943

          most of my ancestry

          by bluron ·

          In reply to “burocrats” …

          originated in france then came over to canada. for awhile they resided in quebec, then some of them drifted down into the states. from there both sides moved out to western canada (that would be my great great grand father on mothers side) to open land the government wanted developed. now i also contain a mix of mohican and some german. main mix to me though is french which i do not practice anymore. i consider myself to be canadian. maybe i should have said i was a heinz 57 instead.

        • #3153452

          I heard a term for people like us

          by oldbag ·

          In reply to most of my ancestry

          So many of in North America are a mixture of different cultures and ancestry that we cannot make a claim to any one. The term I heard (coming from the CBC) is ‘European mutt’. I gave that one to my kids who are even more mixed up than I am. They loved it!

        • #3152644


          by bluron ·

          In reply to I heard a term for people like us

          good laugh on that. thank you so very much as it is in my regard sometimes quite fitting discription of myself.

    • #3153828

      Use the paper census

      by beowulf_cam ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      My parents received the long census — it’s on paper. Not all people have access to computers. It’s OPTIONAL to complete the census on-line.

      BTW — I checked with Statistics Canada. If you do not complete the census:

      1. Police WILL come to your door and request you complete the form.
      2. If you do not comply, you WILL be hauled into court and told to complete the form by a judge.
      3. If you still do not complete the form, you face a $1000 fine and jail time.

      Sieg Heil.

      It’s getting more like the US every day. Comply or go to jail! Pretty soon we’ll have a government agency monitoring all our domestic phone-calls.

    • #3154294

      Mailed mine yesterday

      by oldbag ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      I suggest that you do so as well. The deadline is tomorrow.

      • #3154201

        it’s a good thing

        by bluron ·

        In reply to Mailed mine yesterday

        i did mine via the computer a few days ago for some reason i can’t seam to be able to stay awke. i keep falling asleep at the computer. ta ta ya’ll time for this old man to get some sleep

    • #3154175

      So what are you really saying is;

      by aaron a baker ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      That the Government of Canada go entirely Linux? Or anythign else non-Microsoft?
      Although I can see your point, I too live here [ Ottawa ] and “just like you” am subjected to thier ridiculous methods of lassitude and absolute non caring platitudes. “They call em laws” 😉
      But between you and I ,I have a hard time trying to imagine them implementing a Linux or any other system in any division or part thereof, let alone the work involved in switching the whole thing over.
      But then That’s Canada, for you,”Our Motto” wait for the last possible minute and if at all possible, find and excuse to bail out.
      This is what we can expect. Just so you know, I’ll be the third guy down the cellblock from you because I’m not going that route either, regardless of thier pathetic rules.
      Hell, this is the Country that “Bends over for “everybody” except Canadians” and this is the Country and gave us French,Oui? Add to that a worthless Constitution and you begin to get an idea of what were dealing with.
      So I wouldn’t hold my breath on common sense from these people
      Thank You
      Aaron 😉

    • #3161033


      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Canadian Government Discriminating…

      MAC is Ok, but Linux is not. Kinda funny in a freakish, offputting sort of way.

      “JAVA: Write once, run anywhere”

      uh huh

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