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Cancel Project with Vendor or Continue?

By AppDevPM ·
2nd attempt at documenting situation concisely in 2000 words.

I am PM of s/w dvlpmnt project. Project commenced Jan 2004, I commenced Sept 2004. Two key factors effecting the project ill defined requirements/scope, & decision by mgmt for vendor to not produce test scripts for UAT (see as a cost saving ? both factors a big mistake ?).

Phase 1 dev apparently complete Sept 04. I commenced testing of the app Sept 04, tho this had apparently been done already. Found many issues, usability & bugs. I documented problems & informed vendor. Vendor performed the fixes & mods, I performed second round of testing. Round 2 of testing uncovered newly introduced bugs & issues previously reported which had not been done.

Stuck in this loop ever since. Up to Jan 05, I did 4 rounds of testing. Made the decision to not do any further testing until completion of a test run of the migration. After round 4, we had very truthful confrontation with Vendor, we were assured more care would be taken.

Migration mappings from legacy system to new app were completed by Co. resources. This took several months due to not having dedicated resources available.

We now have the latest copy of the application with the migrated data. FYI The application is split into three sections. I have just completed checking the migrated data for the largest section. < 50% of the fields migrated with expected data. Many decisions made by Vendor (without consultation) to migrate data into read only fields. Also apparent that they did not consult migration mapping docs & also obvious that they did not reconcile migrated data.

The Vendor does not seem to have a quality methodology, nor do they seem to do thorough system testing, or have any quality processes in place.

This has been hugely frustrating. Now in a situation of deciding whether we should pull out & cut our losses, or try & find a solution for going forward. What would you do given the same situation?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cancel Project with Vendo ...

Most of the documented problems are a direct result of poor management and a total lack of communication with the vendor here.

What you'll need to work out is just how important this is to the business and if it is easily fixable. I know it's not your fault but you are the meat in the sandwich so to speak as you are the one who is directly communicating between you company and the vendor. I wouldn't have considered rolling this out until I was happy with the delivered product and even then run it in parallel with the existing product for several months just to be on the safe side and work out the bugs that will have cropped up.

Now that you have the problem you'll need to make a complete list and go back to the vendor for a fix. I would gt it off the existing system before it does any permanent damage that is not easily repaired.


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