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Cancelling TechRepublic Subscription

By david.baines ·
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Does anyone know how you actually CANCEL your Tech Republic Subscription?

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Check Out Any Time You Want

by TheChas In reply to Cancelling TechRepublic S ...

In the words of the Eagles song, "you can check out any time you want. But, you can never leave."

As far as I know, there is no way to close or cancel your TR account.

What you can do, is unsubscribe from any newsletters you subscribed to.

Go through your list of subscribed questions and discussions, and unsubscribe from those.

Unfortunately, the questions and discussions lists only show a limited number. So, you may get occasional emails as post are added to old threads. Just go to any thread and unsubscribe.


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by david.baines In reply to Check Out Any Time You Wa ...

Hi Chas
Thanx for the songsmithery reply, very amusing... :-)

I wasn't really that clear with my question.
I actually wanted to know how I cancelled mr TR Pro membership, as I don;t want them to debit my credit card again, which they do automatically each year, unless you tell them you are cancelling (which I don't know how to do)...See my dilemma??



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That can be done

by TheChas In reply to SongSmithery

Yes, you can cancel your TR Pro subscription.

Down near the bottom of most TR pages is a site help and feedback button.

From there, you can search the TR FAQ. Searching the TR Pro Product with the keyword cancel, you find this:

"How do I cancel my TechRepublic Pro subscription?


If you decide to cancel your 12-month term subscription, please either email your request via the Submit A Question Web form on-line, or call our customer support department toll free at (800) 217-4339 or 845-457-5082.

Your TechRepublic Pro subscription is a non-refundable 12-month term subscription. Therefore, when requesting a cancellation, please note it is an end-of-term cancellation which means it will be active and accessable until the end of your 12-month paid subscription term.

To ensure you are cancelled on time and not charged on your anniversary renewal date, we recommended you must make your request no less than 2 full business days prior to your charge date. Our business days and hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Please keep these days and time in mind when making your request."

There you go,


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The My Newsletters section of TR

by OnTheRopes In reply to Cancelling TechRepublic S ...

It's located in the upper right corner of every page. After you get past the entry page you can scroll down to the "Your e-mail delivery format" section and "Unsubscribe from all TechRepublic newsletters".

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