CanI run Adobe PageMill 3.0 on Windows 7?

By bpappas ·
I am unable to install PageMill 3.0 on Windows 7. I know it's old and no longer supported by Adobe, but I need it.

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If you have a suitable version of 7

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CanI run Adobe PageMill 3 ...

You may be able to run it in XP Mode but otherwise this application is not compatible with Windows 7.


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Adobe PageMill 3.0 on Windows 7

by CanBooks In reply to CanI run Adobe PageMill 3 ...

Another Pagemill fan! You are not alone! Yes, Pagemill will run on windows 7, but only on the 32bit version. I have not found a way to run it on my 6bit laptop, but I hear that you can install "Windows XP Mode for windows 7." Thereafter, you can install 16bit applications within the XP mode.

You can download the application from the given link: but this only works for Enterprise and Ultimate, not Home Permium.

The other method is to install a DOS Box and dig out your old Windows installation disks and install an older version of windows onto your computer in the dos box. You can even install windows 3.2 this way. See for more help.

The best solution in my mind, is to run Windows 7 32 bit. Then Adobe PageMill will work fine. I use it everyday. It is still the simplest web editing program out there!

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32 Bit on Windows 7

by segalla In reply to Adobe PageMill 3.0 on Win ...

I have Windows 7, 64 bit and want to run PageMill. How do I change to 32 bit and what are the consequences?

I have an old computer win 98 with the program and want to transfer to my new computer. Thanks.

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It's not going to work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 32 Bit on Windows 7

When people moved from 98 to XP they found lots of programs no longer worked and they had to buy new Software as well as the new computer with the new OS on it.

When people started moving from XP to Vista or 7 they found that a lot of their software no longer worked and that they had to buy new Software to work on the new computer with the new OS.

While the 64 Bit Version of Windows will install all 32 Bit Programs into a 32 Bit Program Files Folder that doesn't mean that they will all run on the system, actually it doesn't mean that they will even install as quite a few will not and then others will give warnings that there are known issues with this software.

If you have a high Enough Version of 7 you can invoke the XP Mode but even that's not going to help you with software that couldn't work with XP.

So you really should Bite the Bullet and buy new software to run on your new computer or buy a new computer capable of running the Old OS and software, with 98 I very much doubt that you'll find much suitable in the way of Hardware though.

Though to be perfectly honest I have one specialized application that will not run on anything newer than NT4 so I'm stockpiling old Hardware to run this on currently. When that runs out I'm not sure what I'll do as that app has never been rewritten though it's still given away with some High End hardware.


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How to run Pagemill on Windows 64 bit

by TravelDesign In reply to CanI run Adobe PageMill 3 ...

I have Pagemil 2.0 and recently got a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit. I have found a way to run Pagemil on my new computer. I had copied the folder from another harddrive onto my back up portable harddrive. It was not installed, just copy and pasted. I opened my Pagemil folder and looked for the icon to start the program and it worked. I then just copied the folder (not installed the program) onto my new computer. I pinned the icon to the start page and it seems to be working perfectly. You don't know how relieved it has made me. I had bought or downloaded several other programs, but nothing worked lik Pagemil. I don't know if Pagemil 3 will work, bit if Pagemil 2 does 3 should work as well. Bet you can do that with most other 32 bit stuff. I was talking about maybe changing to 32 bit Windows now I don't have to. Is Pagemil 3 much different from 2? How could I get it??? J Moore

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Reponse To Answer

by mary896 In reply to How to run Pagemill on Wi ...

I have been trying to get Pagemill to work with my Windows 7 pc for YEARS. I've searched and begged for help. Finally had to run a virtual XP system with my 7 and it was ANNOYING. It timed out constantly and was totally scary thinking I needed a new WYSIWYG. Couldn't find a thing!!! Then I happened onto your forum post. IT WORKED. I have Pagemill 3 and in 5 minutes have solved what has taken literally YEARS to overcome. I don't understand, but I don't care. I'm no IT professional and am too dumb to get HTML. This saved my tea shop's LIFE and I can't thank you enough for posting this valuable message. I know there are others out there like me who have searched high and low for an alternative to Pagemill. Now I can happily work with my monster big website with glee and not stress constantly that I'll lose everything or have to remake a whole new site. :)) Great karma is coming your way.

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Reponse To Answer

by andrew In reply to How to run Pagemill on Wi ...

A big thank you for the heads up on this one :)

I was fortunate to have a backup of the PageMill 3 program folder on my portable hard drive so it was straightforward to copy the folder to my new 64 bit Win 7 installation. It runs perfectly. I'll drop you an email about PageMill3.

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How to run Pagemill on Windows 64 bit

by TexasBlazeNews In reply to CanI run Adobe PageMill 3 ...

I have tried and tried till I came across TravelDesign answer above Updated - 18th May 2011.
All I did was go to my old computer with the program working on it. Went to the computer\program files\adobe folder and copied the PageMill 3.0 program and pasted it onto a flash drive. Plugged the flash drive into my new computer with Home 7 on it. Opened the flash drive, clicked on the PageMill icon and Whamo!!! PageMill opens. I copied a shortcut to my new desktop and it still works. Thanks TravelDesign.

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