Cannot access ACCESS Front End Database from VPN

By Klauren83 ·
I'm helping my roommate out for some extra money. I built an Access database for her company. There are only four users. I haven't played with Access in the "database design mode" in about two years. One of her co-workers attempted to open the FE of the database from a VPN and could not connect. Is there anyway to fix this. The FE is on her computer, but the back end is on the server. I'm getting more detailed information about this tomorrow. May I remind you that I'm not up to par on the topic and the people that I am dealing with are idiots when it comes to this stuff.

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server name resolution

by Churdoo In reply to Cannot access ACCESS Fron ...

To resolve this, her computer must be able to resolve the server by name when connected to the VPN, i.e. whatever the server name is in the table links on the FE database. If you can't ping the server by the server name used in the table links, then that's the problem. There are several ways to do this, one very simple way is by adding an entry in her local hosts file (located by default in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\)

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IP Resolution

by brian In reply to Cannot access ACCESS Fron ...

All you really need to do to make the database work over vpn is to:
Make sure you can ping the ip address of the database server.
Verify that you have access rights to open the backend datafile.
If both can be done, then your task is pretty simple. If you create a shortcut to the database, you can use that to reconnect the tables.
To create the shortcut, navigate to the datafile using the windows file manager. (WindowsKey + E) example: "\\\DatafileFolder". Right click on the datafile and select 'Create Shortcut'. Copy that to your pc.
Open up your frontend access. Click Tools/Database Utilities\Linked Table manager. Select your tables to relink and click ok. Navigate to the shortcut you create and wait while it re-links.

>I am being extra verbose since I do not know how experienced you are. It really is pretty simple.<

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