cannot access documents from old hard drive with new computer?

By bellison ·
I installed a new Dell computer at work yesterday, took the old hard drive from the old computer and put in an enclosure to use as a back up and to move all word docs to new computer. So I plugged it in and was unable to access any documents. I then put it back into the old computer went into user accounts and changed the account type to limited and disabled the password. Still nothing. The old machine has two accounts, one is admin and I have passwords for both. Between myself and the boss we are unable to figure out why we are having difficulty. We are in the beginning stages of swapping out old for new computers have 5 locations we work out of and probably 20 or so computers...Is there something real basic we are missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A few things to try

by sidekick In reply to cannot access documents f ...

I assume you can see the drive, right? If not, check the jumper settings.

From the old computer, try assigning the permissions on the documents so the Everyone group has at least read access.

From the new computer, you could try taking ownership of the files on the old hard drive.

Another strategy might be to use a network connection or USB drive to transfer the files from the old computer to the new computer.

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File permissions

by 45GEEK In reply to cannot access documents f ...

Because a file is associated with a user ID, system ID and just reinstalling an old hard drive to another computer will not assign a new user ID/system ID to the files. Without that you will not have access to the files.

I agree with sidekick the easiest would be to copy the files to a usb device and then copy them unto the new machine. To resuse the old hard drive you would have to format it on the new machine essentially assigning the drive a new system and user ID.

Look at it this way when you assign rights to something the computer has to know how to do it so every drive is assigned a system ID in the sysvol folder at the top of each hard drive root. The admin of the machine is always assigned unlimited rights to this drive if it was formatted on this machine using the two ID's is what enables permissions to be assigned to any drive or folder. Because the drive was formatted on another machine it contains a different System Id and therefore is not accessable from the new machine because it will have no record of the system ID. We can change the system ID but this forum isn't long enough to talk about how to do that. Also we could reinitialize the drive to the new machine with a third pary software such as nero or Acronis, but if any of the files on the old drive are encrypted we still will not be able to get access to them because we just will not have the correct system ID.

So stick with the easy and cheap, copy to a usb device and then to the new computer. If you want to use the old hard drive with the new system format it in the new system.

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vista? AD domain?Disk management?

by sebastian.koch In reply to cannot access documents f ...

Is ist Vista you installed?
Are teh COmputers in Domain?
Can you see the drive with letter?
Have you checked in the disk manegemnet if the disk has a Drive Letter or which format windows shows?

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If possible

by SKDTech In reply to cannot access documents f ...

If possible in your situation I would backup the file you wish to keep to a network share and then do a clean drive format on the drive after placing it in the enclosure and then pull the files down from the network share onto the new PC.

If you don't have the option of a network share I would put what you want to keep on a USB device to transfer to the new PC and then follow the previous steps of doing a clean format on the drive in the enclosure.

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many thanks..........

by bellison In reply to If possible

Thank you for all your responses. I think transfer with USB and reformatting to utilize old drive is a good option. I am still learning so I thank all of you

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