Cannot access my IIS FTP site from remote network

By chad.klunk ·

I currently have two FTP sites running on IIS. I have one running on port 21 that allows all domain users to access files, the other ftp site uses port 8888 and isolates user accounts for users that are members of the "domain guests" group.

I can access the FTP that uses port 21 from any remote network, however I'm not able to access the FTP site running on port 8888 unless I'm on the local network.

I've created the FTP file structure for the 8888 site like the following \ftproot\domain\useraccount

I'm not sure how this is connected to my works exchange server but I know that to get to the ftp sites i have to enter something like this and

is their something I need to do inside the exchange server or IIS that I can configure to fix this issue?


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FTP Data Port

by In reply to Cannot access my IIS FTP ...

I have not tried changing my FTP ports around much -

However, the first thing that came to mind was that Active FTP uses port 20 in addition to port 21 during communication. Using a web browser to access the FTP port might use an active FTP connection. Try setting your browser to use a Passive FTP connection.

Second thought was some form of ACL on the routers that is preventing port 8888 or the FTP data port, whatever that may be.

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IIS site

by CG IT In reply to Cannot access my IIS FTP ...

create your web site for FTP, use the wizard. when you get to the address and port settings use the all unassigned IP address and the 8888 port #. then add in the host header FQDN for the site that will use the 8888 port.

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I take it

by darpoke In reply to Cannot access my IIS FTP ...

by 'remote network' you mean one on the WAN side of your router. Have you checked that there's a firewall rule allowing traffic on port 8888? You'll have to have made one as it's nonstandard and simply allowing FTP traffic only opens the standard port(s) 20-21.

Also you need to have a NAT rule forwarding traffic on that port to the right host machine - if you're using NAT, that is.

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