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Cannot access yahoo mail and some other sites

By m_gabiana ·
We have internet connection thru DSL at home. Our other two computers share this connection but cannot access other sites such as yahoo mail. How can I get over this?

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Check a couple of things...

by victor In reply to Cannot access yahoo mail ...


See if you can ping from your command prompt.



At the command prompt type: c ping

If you can reach it then it will send back a reply. This tell you that your computer is able to reach If your not able to reach it and it times out. Then you need to check where it fails.

You can use this command at the prompt too : c:\tracert

Which basicaly test the router path to When run that command, the fist router path should be your Firewall/Router then the ISP. If you get up to your ISP at least then it's ok because some router paths are blocked.

So if you only reach your Firewall/Router as the first hop and it doesn't go any further then your firewall/router may be the problem. Check to see what sites were blocked. If you're still having trouble accessing it then connect to your ISP without your firewall/router, then try that. This should altimately work.

If you still cannot access then check your browswer settings under

TOOLS | INTERNET OPTIONS | Then click on security tab. Then click on restricted sites, then click on the button that says " Sites "
Under Sites: Make sure what or * are not there. If it is then erase it and try to access You can also try to look for this first before disconnecting from your firewall/router.

Hope this helps.


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