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Cannot add a local user from the domain

By kbowser ·
I have an XP Pro workstation connecting to a 2003 server thru active directory. The computer joins the domain and is able to browse mapped drives. However, when I try to add a domain user as a local user, I get the error:

?The program cannot open the required dialog box because no locations can be found. Close this message, and try again.?

I?m going into ?Control Panel? -> ?User Accounts? - > Add -> (and instead of typing in the name and domain) ?Browse?? And that is where I get the error.

I changed the computer to a Workgroup, removed the computer from the domain, and rejoined the domain, but I have the same problem. What should I do to resolve this? What is my next step?

(Also: When I ?Manage? ?My Computer?, go into ?Local Users and Groups?, expand ?Groups? and try to add a user to the ?Administrators? group, the only location in the list is the local PC, I cannot get to the Domain.)

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by Poettone In reply to Cannot add a local user f ...

Your sid not correct.

First start by removing the system from domain back to workgroup.

Then remove the computer from AD on the DC.

On the local machine remove any previous users you have attempted to use on the machine. You didn't state what user you were using on the Xp machine, assuming admin.

Go to your local security group gpedit.msc from the run line.

Then go to computer config>windows settings>security>local policies>security options and disable any of the items associtated with the digital encyrpt>secure channel for the domain and the network.

Add your system back to the domain, then attempt to add the user to the system..

This should fix you up.

Good Luck..

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add user: The program cannot open the required dialog box because no locati

by jay In reply to

for me it was the dns on the workstation that was not setup. After I manually configured the dns on the workstation to point to the DC, it worked.
thx Poettone!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Cannot add a local user f ...


Also, check your local DNS settings are correct, and that DNS is working properly on the server. Each time one of our machines has had a similar error, the culprit has nearly always been DNS.

Good luck

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by techbyte In reply to Cannot add a local user f ...

I agree, make sure DNS is working properly.

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by WorkForFood In reply to Cannot add a local user f ...

I've been tearing my hair out for a year on this one. Acting on the tip about checking DNS settings, I added my 2003 Active Directory server address to the list of DNS servers in the TCP/IP advanced settings, giving it top priority. Then when I went to add a domain user to a local group and clicked the location button, THE DOMAIN NOW APPEARED! This used to be a simple thing to do back in the old NT 4.0 days.

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Drive Mappings are getting you

by glen In reply to Cannot add a local user f ...

remove all the drive mappings first, then add the user.

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by anty1 In reply to Cannot add a local user f ...

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