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    Cannot Apply Group Policies – Access is Denied


    by naman.jandial ·


    I have setup win server 2003 Enterprise & have also installed AD and DNS on the server,
    so the server is up and running and the 2 win xp client machines are successfully
    conected to the server.

    I have created several OUs and several users in each OU.

    Logged on as the Administrator on the Domain Controller, I decided to apply some
    group policies on each of the OU, but when ever I click on new to create a new GPO
    it reads “Access is denied – You do not have sufficient Permissions to perform this

    I am confused why it is not letting me to do that.

    Still I went ahead & created a new user and assigned that user all the administrative
    rights (including Group Policy Object Creator Owner).

    I then Tried applying some policies by logging on with that user and still no luck.

    I then Installed the Adminpak on Win xp computer & logged on as the domain controller
    & tried to apply some policies there but still the same error.

    I am goofed up now, please help me.

    Thanks in advance.


    Naman Jandial

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