Cannot boot from SATA drive

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Cannot boot from SATA drive. WD3200AAKS. 320 GB. Using ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard w/ 4GB RAM. I have WinXP SP2 on 80 GB EIDE C: drive. Enabled SATA 1 & SATA 2 drives in BIOS per manual. Visible when booted from EIDE. Cloned from EIDE drive. Removed EIDE. Did WinXP repair F6 to add nVidia drivers to SATA. Set BIOS to boot from SATA. Get "Error loading OS."
Gone to FAQs on TechRepublic, Acronis, Western Digital, ASUS.

Downloaded Data Lifeguard Tools and completed cloning of EIDE C: to new WD SATA drive as bootable. Removed EIDE drive. Rebooted. Error trying to load OS. SATA drive is visible in BIOS and is set as boot drive. Reinstalled EIDE, then ran Data Lifeguard Tools diagnostic which sees the WD SATA drive as bootable and no errors.

Tried Ghost 2003 and Acronis True Image to clone OS and progs from C: to new SATA drive then remove EIDE and use only SATA. Installed ASUS SATA drivers on EIDE prior to cloning. I also set BIOS to see the SATA as first boot. (The SATA drive is accessible prior to cloning via the EIDE C: drive. I get error on reboot with EIDE removed that says no OS is installed.

Today I tried a clean install with only the SATA drive attached, including starting with NO partition allocated, thru the formatiing process, then the repair install using F6 to add drivers. Still no go.

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by LoonIT In reply to Cannot boot from SATA dri ...

have you tried readjusting your jumper shunt setting? Perhaps removing it entirely would work for you. I think on WD drives removing the shunt sets the drive to default values. It might be worth a shot. There is also the possibility that you just got a bad drive. Do you have another SATA drive around you can use to eliminate the faulty drive variable?

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Cannot boot from SATA dri ...


I wonder if your problem is that you cloned the SATA drive from and EIDE drive, despite having done a repair to load the SATA drivers.
My understanding is that SATA and EIDE drives have some fundamental differences in the OS.


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by andrew In reply to Cloning

I ghosted an Eide to a SATA and had no problems with my new drive or system to that regard.

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