Cannot boot my Toshiba Qosmio G25 (running XP) with serial ata hard drive

By riggsco ·
I realize I brand myself as a dodo, but here goes. In trying to fix a driver problem with cd/dvd drive on my Qosmio G25 (running XP MCE), I went into my windows/system32/drivers directory and indiscriminately moved out a bunch of drivers I thought were only related to the cd/dvd drive. Turned the system off and voila, no boot.

Turns out Toshiba or Microsoft or someone has a bit of a snafu with these machines running serial ata hard drives anyway, requiring a bit of gymnastics to load the serial ata drivers when installing XP. See Tech Support Bulletin # 98081855:

Using the Recovery Disks that came with the system, I think I can re-install XP, but of course I lose all my data. All I really need to do is somehow boot the system, load the serial ata drivers, get in there and put the drivers back I moved in the first place, and I should be good to go. Problem is, I don't know exactly how to do that, and I think one failed trial and error effort is enough on this problem.

Any help out there?


By the way, I am armed with a remote floppy drive and a bunch of blank floppies and CDs to implement the solution. I just need the how-to.

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Not necessarily you can perform an In Place Install

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cannot boot my Toshiba Qo ...

By following the directions here

As you have MCE there should be no problems with Encrypted File Systems as this isn't supported by MCE but if you have added any Encryption File System you'll need to read the manual and save the Encryption Key or all your data will be unrecoverable rubbish.

Also if you had a Password in place you'll need to take ownership of the files by following the directions here

Despite what some people claim there is only ever one safe folder to mess with in the Windows Directory and that is the Temp Folder which you can clean out on a regular basis, anything else is at your own peril and you run the risk of loosing all unbackedup data every time that you mess with something that shouldn't be touched.


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i have the fix

by maybeletereh In reply to Cannot boot my Toshiba Qo ...

How to pave your (Vista) Qosmio (F45, the new ones) with XP

How to pave your (Vista) Qosmio (F45, the new ones) with XP

The sata/raid drivers are not on the Toshiba site, they were on the intel site, and were not easy to find at first, kind of a guessing game for a while, but once i found them, the actual xp build is as easy as any other...

Get a USB floppy drive (yes, it must be a floppy that comes up as the A: drive)

Get a blank floppy (I found one in a box in my closet...!!!)

Copy these files onto the floppy

Boot off your XP instll CD

Have the floppy in the usb floppy drive

Tap F6 when you see the "F6" option

Pick the driver

(Picking the first serial ata seems to pick them all, but I picked each of them, one at a time, just to be sure)


XP on your Quomio F45

(if you are so inclined, you could slip the same files into the install media, and reburn it, but this worked just fine)

Of course you still need to go to toshiba and download EVERY other driver.

Make sure you download the network drivers BEFORE you do the install, or have another pc with internet access at hand, as xp finds nothing, zero, zilch, so at a minimum, get that lan and/or wifi, depending on how you connect, or just get them both, then after xp is installed, install your lan / wifi, then connect to the internet and get the rest, or download them all before the xp pave

I had to get everything, and some was a guess, like I put in the wrong fingerprint scanner driver at first because I did not do the obvious thing first, whhich is this...

BEFORE you pave your vista qusmio with xp, in vista, go into device manager, and write down the name of all your devices so you know what to download before or after from toshiba...!!!

Here is what I grabed from toshiba...



win2k_xp14323.exe (the intel video driver for the intel mobile 965 chipset...)

But for the build, just put the these files onto the floppy

Boot off your XP instll CD

Have the floppy in the usb floppy drive

Tap F6 when you see the "F6" option

Pick the driver...

Have fun


(p.s. this machine was truly built for xp, it screams now, it was a dog with vista, but is bistering fast with xp, cool...)

If i helped turn your vista brick into an xp monster, ping me...!!!

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