Cannot Boot Win XP Pro

By Sauron ·
Recently, for reasons I cannot explain, my computer decided it would not boot. I think it has a Boot virus but can not seem to remove anything of this nature.

I can see the files on the drive but that is as far as I can get.

I have tried to make a fresh install but the CD gets to the options of Install, Repair or Exit. After that I get the following displayed:

STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x807C6F65, 0xF7331798, 00x00000000)

My machine is an Acer E500 desktop with dual processors

I have tried Repair, Format - for new install, Microsoft Boot setup, Boot Disk and so far nothing is getting me any further advanced.

I have seen a message "Virus" but every time I have tried to scan it detects nothing

Any help would be very much appreciated

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Might this help?

by Kiltie In reply to Cannot Boot Win XP Pro

A search of MSKB for virus and 0x0000008E
gives a reference to the HaxDoor virus.

If you have a virus, it might not be that one, it would help to know the name if you can find one, but how or where are you seeing a reference to a virus, if it is not detected?
Is it part of an informational message suggesting a possible cause, rather that one being found?

One of the problems here, is what is exactly classified as a virus. Anti Virus software have to draw a line somewhere as to what is defined as a virus, there is a large "grey" area outside of this, which it is often wise to scan with different products, as this line can be drawn at different places, by different products.

Any chance you can get the drive hooked up as a secondary one to another system and scan it that way?
maybe use a recovery utility, virus scan from a LiveCD such as UBCD?

How far are you able to boot? Can you access the internet at all? At what point does it stop? You say you can see files, does that mean you have got as far as the desktop, and can open Explorer?

Which AV are you using? How are you doing that, if you can't boot?

If you can get online, try one of these free online virus scanners:

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can't boot

by Sue T In reply to Cannot Boot Win XP Pro

are you able to boot the computer into safe mode or even boot to a command prompt. Have you tried last known good configuration? that is if you are able to boot to the boot options screen by pressing F8.Have you tried reseating your memory or if you have more than 1 stick removing one and trying to boot and then trying the next stick. Did you recently install any new hardware? Did you recently install anything?

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is the disk damaged?

by rui.b.rodrigues In reply to can't boot

Try to use your disk in other pc but like slave. Run the disk tools from your's disk manufacturer.
Have you try it with another power suply?

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