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Cannot boot with 2 hard disks

By khoocw85 ·
I hav an AMD athlon xp 2500+ processor and a nvidia nforce 2 K7N2 Delta motherboard. I also use 2 hard disks. I had no problems. But recently the motherboard spoilt due to lightning. I change it to a nforce 2 ultra 400 K7N2 Delta2. but now i cannot boot up with the 2 hard disks. It sought of hangs during boot up. If i disconnect one hard disk it is able to boot properly.

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by B_Pope In reply to Cannot boot with 2 hard d ...

Did you re-install the OS & new MB drivers, you can't change the MB & expect the old HD with drivers meant for the previous MB to work on the new MB.

When changing MB's 99.9% of the time you need to re-install the OS with the correct drivers for the new MB. Sometimes if the new MB uses very similar drivers you'll be able to boot the OS & then update drivers, but if you can't boot into windows your usually facing a format & re-install of the OS.

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by B_Pope In reply to

Dam tab enter sucks sometimes...

Try booting with just the one HD & check device manager for any problem devices & then update the drivers with the new MB drivers. It sounds like a system driver is missing.

You did connect both HD's correctly slave/master?

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by TheChas In reply to Cannot boot with 2 hard d ...

It is VERY possible that either or both hard drives were damaged when the motherboard took the lightning hit.

Lightning damage like ESD damage does not always show up right away, or as a dead device.

Your power supply and EVERY other device that was plugged into the old motherboard is suspect.

Personally, I would get 2 new hard drives and transfer the contents of your old drives to the new drives.

New hard drives are well worth the cost when you consider the repercussions of a hard drive failure.


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by wlbowers In reply to Cannot boot with 2 hard d ...

If you are using win2000 or XP you need to do an inplace upgrade.

Do the upgrade with the primary disk first then add the slave.

2000 or xp does not reallocate the ide drivers. The upgrade will replace them and others if necessary.

This is the Microsoft Knowledgebase Articles. It explaines the issue and give the solution.

2k Q292175

XP Q315341

Good Luck


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by JEPott In reply to Cannot boot with 2 hard d ...

Windows XP can be unforgiving when you change the mothboard on it. If you have your Windows install disk (the actual Windows XP disk not the image recovery disk) then you can try to run a repair to fix the problem. Boot the machine from the Windows disk just like you are going to re-install. The installation routine will start and will bring you to a point where you can repair or continue - you want to continue at this point. Keep going through the screens until you get to a second option to repair your installation - hit r to repair - this will wipe out some of the windows system files and replace them with the ones from the CD... You will be taken through the windows setup - once this completes your system will reboot into windows and you will need to re-apply SP2 and some of the Windows updates.... all you data and programs will still be there. Hope this helps and that you can get your system up and running again soon - JEPott

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Cannot boot with 2 hard d ...

Verify the jumpers settings of the two HDD. Is a possibility that the motherboard for example not support two "CABLE SELECT" HDD or else. Also verify if in BIOS is enabled all the IDE drives.

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by am_sameni In reply to Cannot boot with 2 hard d ...

You can going to dos-os with bootflopy or boot from cd and going to comand prompt only and chek with fdisk your partion in 2 hard disk where is active partion if dosnot exists with number2 in fdisk crat it and if in 2 hard you have active partion remove anoteh one.

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