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    Cannot boot


    by tkabakaba ·

    I am woking on this P4 machine with Aopen MX4LR motherboard. The machine cannot boot, the power supply fan is not spinning and I can only see a red light on the motherboard. I have proven that the power supply is ok and working fine when I tested it on another similar PC. When I reinstall it back to this P4 Machine the same problem occured.
    -No power
    -Fan not spinning
    -red light on the motherboard.
    Need help ASAP

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      First check the video card

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Cannot boot

      Then, if it still refuses to boot, the system board has to be the culprit. Check that the memory is fully seated too.

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      Hardware Check

      by craig_eights ·

      In reply to Cannot boot

      First can you tell me what was added are removed from the mainboard when you encounter this problem.

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