Cannot communicate with computer in my network places

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i recently installed serv03 and XP as clients in a small setup.

Earlier everything was working fine, but now i cannot see any of my computers in my network places.

when i open the my network places > domain name > error message

= "XYZ is not available. You might not have permission to use this network connection. Contact the administrator of the server to find out if you have acess permissions.

list of servers for this workgroup is not available"

currently i login in the system = xp as adminstrator.

is this issue related to credentials or what...

please help before this problem make me go mad....

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Cannot Comunicate with computer in network

by jlouis45 In reply to Cannot communicate with c ...

Some tips on checking this issue.
1. Check the server is fine and connected to router / hub and the hub is switched on.
2. Check the client machine if the machine cables are connected.
3. you need to join the computer to the server which requires an adminstator privelage.
4. if you havent joined the machine then do so by going to my computer properties and join the computer. For this you might require the machine address of the SERVER too.
5. Is this client account created in the server (dependings on the operting system how it is created). Then try step 4.

Hope this helps
All the best... think with a cool mind you will get your solution.... let me know if i can help you any further.


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Server can acess resources but client cannot

by In reply to Cannot Comunicate with co ...

Thanks for your reply.

All clients (XP) are in the domain and cables are perfectly working.

Clients and server can ping each other, server can see all computers in it's own network place and can access client's resources. :-(
note: I have installed AD in my server
Please help... is this due to some virus ???

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server can access resources

by jlouis45 In reply to Server can acess resource ...

Have you joined the computers to the server ? I know the server can see the computers in its network. did you go to the client computer and join it to the netwrok server and also at the server end have you created users to allow them into the network ?

The error is typically when the computer is not logged into the domain. So login as an administrator go to my computer and network join domain - type the domain name as provided on your server, enter the computer name and click on join domain. It will ask for a Administrator password enter your admin pw and it should be joined. Then logout and login using the domain and you should be able to resolve the issue.

rule out virus attack on this issue as it is basically to do with the steps you have followed to join the client with the server.


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All computers are in domain

by In reply to server can access resourc ...

hi Loiuis,

really i am thankful for your support.
i have a domain and all the users are in the domain. If i apply GPO to them even then it is applied sucessfully.

computers can communicate via //ipaddress

problem is only in my network places, where users or administrator sitting on XP cannot view computers in my network places.

should i send you a screen shot about the same? if that can help you.

one of my pal told me it might be related to permissions on my network places.

i have no idea where i have placed any policies or stoped the service both for admin and user on xp.

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The administrator account

by IC-IT In reply to All computers are in doma ...

is not a Domain Account. It uses the computerName\Administrator as logon credentials, instead of the\administrator account.
From the run (or explorer) line you should get prompted for logon credentials.

Someone may have used anti-malware software (or nlite)to select hide this system from the domain.

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