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Cannot Connect 3 users to Internet

By raven9156 ·
I am using Netgear router and have set up my wireless network using Netgear router. While my laptop, palm pilot and desktop show up on wireless system I cannot get all 3 to connect and share internet connection. I am using an ADSL connection..any suggestions out there? Thanks!! Raven

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by LMon In reply to Cannot Connect 3 users to ...

Make sure that those connections are not being bridged with something else. Then check to see what are the addresses they are getting. it should something like 192.168.0.x and the gateway should be If they are not getting those addresses then they are not connected to the router. Also make sure your internet settings are set to automatically detect settings. and make sure you are not dialing out to make a connection. If you have ICS disable you dont need to have it with the router. Make sure you configured the router correctly for adsl you need to have it through pppoe.

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by willcomp In reply to Cannot Connect 3 users to ...

What type of broadband service and what modem are you using?

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by gl0bal In reply to Cannot Connect 3 users to ...

First can you browse to the router. Typically this is by using a web browser eg Internet Explorer and entering teh IP address specified in the installation manual eg If you can see the router then you have connectivity. Next make sure that the clients have DHCP enabled. Do this by going to Network settings and make sure that you set DHCP to enabled.

Let us know how that goes

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