Cannot connect to a network printer.

At one point I was able to print to a printer on our network and one day it stopped. When I troubleshoot it says the printer cannot be contacted over the network. I have the correct Port Name and the IP Address. I've deleted the port, and re-configured the port but with no success. I also have always had intermittent problems connecting my pc to our network. I have a new pc now with Windows 7 but am still having the same problem (all the other pc's have XP - but we had the same problem with the intermittent connection to the network when I had XP - I was always able to print to the printer when I had XP). I am at a loss as to how to solve the connection issues we are having. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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What kind of network do you have?

by jfuller05 In reply to Cannot connect to a netwo ...

Is it a workgroup, which is a small group of connected computers/and or printers without a central point of administration? Do you log into a domain or just locally into your computer?

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oops, sorry bout that.. it's a workgroup

by ANDREAK77 In reply to What kind of network do y ...

I log in locally.

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from W7 forum

by oldbaritone In reply to Cannot connect to a netwo ...

"I found the problems. It is that I always disable as many services as possible. So I thought that Windows 7 works exactly as Vista and was wrong. I needed to enable many services such as Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, Remote Access Connection Manager, Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service, Routing And Remote Access and maybe one or two others. Most of these are disabled in my Vista oses and things work well....obviosuly not the case with 7.

Hope I helped if anyone had this problem."

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That's not the problem I'm experiencing.

by ANDREAK77 In reply to from W7 forum

I had XP on my other PC - not Vista. Yesterday morning I could see our network and then after lunch - it was gone. So I went in to Windows Firewall security settings and enabled inbound and outbound rules, after that I was able to see the network as well as print. But that is not the case this morning. I could not see the network, nor could I print - I received a "printer offline" message. I cannot figure what's going on with this thing. UGH!

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You are on the right track

by IC-IT In reply to That's not the problem I' ...

Windows 7 drops those settings on a reboot.
You will need to make your workgroup a trusted (or private) network.
Here is a link that will assist you;

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I have Windows 7

by ANDREAK77 In reply to You are on the right trac ...

The other PC's on the network have Windows XP - which homegroups are only allowed for PC's running W7.
But here's the thing - I've always had connection issues - even on my old pc which had XP - I've never been able to resolve this issue. It wouldn't be such a big deal but most of my work is on an external drive on another pc - which coincidentally is the pc that I've always had trouble connecting too. I wish I could grasp this whole thing but it's eluding me....

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The connection went away without rebooting W7

by ANDREAK77 In reply to I have Windows 7

Here's the thing, reguardless of the OS, I am still having trouble connecting to the network. I had XP and now I have a new pc that has Windows 7. The network will be there in one instance and then gone the next - without rebooting. I've tried all the recommendations but nothing has resolved this issue. There has got to be something that I'm missing here..........I've been working here for 5 years and my pc has always had the intermittent network connection - none of our other PC's have ever had trouble connecting to the network just mine. This issue has become more prominent now that I have Windows 7.
I don't know who set our network up but something went wrong with mine. If it's something simple, I'm giong to crawl under my desk and never come out. lol.
By the way - I truly do appreciate everyone's advice and input!!!

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here's the deal

by CG IT In reply to The connection went away ...

open network and sharing center.

tell us what your active network is set as: Public/domain/Home-work.

on the left side of the network and sharing center windows you'll see change advanced sharing settings. click the link.

Tell us if Network discovery is turned on or off and printer sharing is turned on or off for each type of network connection [public/domain/home-work].

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Work Network/ They are all turned on

by ANDREAK77 In reply to here's the deal

That's the first thing we checked.

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Where's the printer?

by CG IT In reply to here's the deal

is it a printer connected to another machine? or a printer that has a network card and it's own address?

and does it have it's own software?

Brother has their software, Xerox has it's own blah blah ...

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