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cannot connect to internet anymore

By mesj ·
We have an XP computer that no longer can connect to the internet. Last week it connected fine. The pc is on a LAN with a DSL modem to ISP. Other pc's in building connect ok. Remote location, so I am trying to fix without going out in the snow.

User's network properties show the LAN connected but few packets are being Sent and 0 received. Also I had her do an ipconfig, and the IP address has been changed.

Had a similar problem with Win98 pc,in that it could no longer network. This was due to users kid unloading KaZaa or something like that, that blew out network. I had to reload os completely to get it going. Want to avoid that this time if possible.

Any thoughts??

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by Oz_Media In reply to cannot connect to interne ...

Is it trying to connect with DHCP or static IP, DHCP would explain the changed IP on login.

You may also find swapping the cardout helps, NIC's are funny that way.

Put on your mukluks (snow boots)and have at 'er, unless you can setup remote access and reconfig from the warmth of your living room.

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by mesj In reply to

no DHCP server at that location. NIC is embedded in motherboard.

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by CptOmlly In reply to cannot connect to interne ...

Follow the instructions under "Manual Troubleshooting" in this KB article.

This is a comprehensive article that, if followed step by step, should let you isolate and resolve your issue. The part I would focus on initially is the "Testing connectivity using the ping tool" section.

Also, not noted in the article is how to re-install TCP/IP stack if ping localhost fails. Run this command from the command prompt "netsh int ip reset filename" where filename is a log file for actions performed (i.e. C:\tcpiplog.txt)

I'm sorry that I cannot give more specific steps here, but the description is a bit vague.

Hope this helps!!

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by wright2bme In reply to cannot connect to interne ...


Don't forget to swap out your network cable. Faulty network cables are root of some of the most difficult network connection problems.

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by mesj In reply to cannot connect to interne ...

Mystery solved!
The problem I believe had to do with unloading\or an internet program load that blew out the network settings. Had a fellow tech (different company) with similar problem and when he switched the NIC it worked, but putting the original NIC back after that, it still did not work.

I had tried the NETSH functions, and manually setting IP addresses to no avail.

But what REALLY solved the problem, was an LSPfix. Search the web for it. It reset numbers in the network settings. And that is that!

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by mesj In reply to cannot connect to interne ...

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