Cannot connect to internet through wireless network

By william_marks ·
I have been using AOL Broadband Silver happily for a couple of weeks now with the supplied DG834G connected to my computer by an ethernet cable.

I wanted rid of the long telephone wire running down my stairs, so when someone offered me a wireless adapter I plugged it in and set it up.

First I put the AOL 9.0 CD in and tried step 2 - set up wireless network, put process stopped when adapter turned out to be non-supported by AOL.

Anyway I've been able to set up my wireless network using Windows XP and apparently I'm connected etc (can also see a neighbours unprotected network) but I cannot connect to the internet. AOL cannot find the modem. If I disconnect the wireless adapter and plug the ethernet cable back in the internet works fine.

Have tried two different (non-supported) adapters now, so problem isn't with them.

How do I get it to connect to the net using the wireless connection. I'm sure it's just some setting somewhere I need to change but have tried everything.

Please help!

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by william_marks In reply to Cannot connect to interne ...

Come on guys please help me.

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A few things

by Langlier In reply to Cannot connect to interne ...

1. Via an ethernet cable reconnect your computer to your router.

2. go to in your browser window. (if you have not changed your login/pass for netgear the login is admin and there is no password.)

3. Verify that wireless is enabled on your router and verify that you can connect to the internet while physically connected to the router.

If wireless is disabled (which im feeling is the problem) or if you are not broadcasting your SSID that would be your issue. If you are then I will need more information.

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To langlier

by william_marks In reply to A few things

I can connect to the internet when the ethernet is plugged in. Wireless is enabled and broadcasting SSID. My router is a netgear not a Linksys (different IP thingy).

Can you help? Would this work better on Ubuntu?

Any other info you need?

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by william_marks In reply to A few things

I've fixed it! I was changing some settings in 192.168.01 and it started working. I don't know how I did it. Thanks for all the help and sorry to leave it so you don't know what happened. Love this forum. It's great!!

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by DownRightTired In reply to RESOLVED

I dont know how many times a week I fix problems the same way. "Ok its fixed, I dont know why, but it is!"

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what wireless connections do you see

by DownRightTired In reply to Cannot connect to interne ...

in windows xp? You said you see your neighbors unsecured wireless connection do you see any other wireless connections listed? You should see one for yours that says netgear**something. Im also guessing you dont have the wireless turned on.

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Others I see

by william_marks In reply to what wireless connections ...

Sorry mate. I do see my own. It looks like I'm connected to it also, but no internet.

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Does it say so?

by DownRightTired In reply to Others I see

you shouldnt be connected to more than one at a time. Does it say connected on it? Select it and hit connect. You should then be able to go to your browser and go to the address (assuming you didnt change it). Are you able to do this?

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Not connected to the internet

by druuzil In reply to Does it say so?

By the sounds of things you are connected to the "router" but the router itself is not connected to the internet. I ran into this problem myself about a week ago trying to connect to a neighbors unprotected network. As long as both devices are 802.11 b/g compatible they should work together. The problem you are having is that some people think that being secure with their network means turning off their modem when they aren't using their PC. This means that while the router is still broadcasting a signal, and your wireless adapter is picking it up, that's ALL thats happening. There is no actual internet connection.

I could be wrong, but this was what happened to me.

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wireless dsl

by DownRightTired In reply to Not connected to the inte ...

If Im understanding... I think hes using a combo DSL/Wireless router. The wireless adapter hes referring to is a usb wireless card. Is this correct? If not please give a better description of the hardware your using and how its connecting.

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