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Cannot connect to network printer.

By rayden61 ·
Network comprises 1 win2k server and 10 workstations all members of workgroup. A hp4250 printer is installed to the server that all workstations use. However I can't add the printer to a couple workstations no matter whether I try to do so as the administrator or any other user. I keep getting the following "Access denied. Unable to connect to printer." Other workstations are able to connect without any problems. All workstations have same configuration and os (win2k pro spk4) and connect to the printer using the tcp/ip port. I would appreciate any help on this as its causing an inconvenience. I don't want to have to buy individual printers for those that can't connect to the network printer.

Thanks in advance.


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by CG IT In reply to Cannot connect to network ...

how many can't?

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by rayden61 In reply to Cannot connect to network ...

I have 3 workstations that can't connect.

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by CG IT In reply to Cannot connect to network ...


how was the server setup? per seat or per server licensing?

if you set up per server CAL, and 5 computers that couldn't connect, I'd say a per server CAL problem because W2K server comes with 5 CALs, so 5 workstations would use of 5 CALs. If the printer was not directly connected to the server but via a NIC, thats another CAL [its seen as a device] so 6 computers wouldn't connect [4 workstations and a network printer device = 5 devices].

If you setup per seat licensing [per user] then, a user account used on one of the workstations that could not connect would be able to connect. but you said not matter what account you use, you can't connect so it's not per seat licensing problem.

The only other issue would be permissions problem but if 7 of the 10 can connect, doesn't sound like a permissions problem.

did this work before and not now?

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Same issue with 5 PC's

by mimac58 In reply to

HI guys,
Interesting to read the solution proposed here - I have a room with 30 XP SP2 PC's - a new HP Laserjet Printer and W2K server.
- Printer connects to a netwoirk point
- 25 of the PC's can connect and set it up as default printer (or whatever) using any login.
- 5 of the mongrels won't install / setup a network printer !! All machines ghosted from 1 image (identical makes, models etc etc)
All other network tasks function perfectly on these 5 PC's.
- checked the licences - CALs per seat (with plenty of them)
- it is the SAME 5 PC's which cause this problem with ANY attempt to setup a network printer.

Any ideas guys ??

Regards from 'AU'


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by bytemi In reply to Cannot connect to network ...

I had this same problem at my last company, you need change the license to per seat and enter 50 or 100 seats. This will resolve the issue. To change the CAL, do the following:

To Convert from Per-Server Licensing to Per-Seat Licensing

1. In Control Panel, double-click Licensing.
2. In the Choose Licensing Mode dialog box, click Per Device or click Per User in Windows Server 2003. Click Per Seat or Per Server in Windows 2000 Server.
3. You may receive the following error message:
Liscence Violation
You have requested a change that may violate the license agreement. The License for a one-time change from a Per Server to a Per Device or Per User configuration. Do you want to cancel this request?
You can click Yes to cancel, or click No to continue.
4. Click No to continue.
5. In the window that opens, the following information is displayed in Windows Server 2003: Per Device or Per User Licensing
Client Licensing
If you have not purchased a client access license for every computer that will access windows server, you must purchase them prior to using Windows Server.

For complete terms and conditions governing the use of this product, see license agreements, which can be found under help.

I agree that:
I have read and agreed to be bound by the license agreements
for this product.

If you agree, click to select the I agree check box, and then click OK. In Windows 2000 Server, the information will say "Per Server or Per Seat" instead of "Per Device or Per User."

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some thing to add...

by vjsh In reply to Cannot connect to network ...

i am having the same problem.(win2k domain svr and win xp sp2 client) Bt by reinstalling the lan card driver or using "winsockxpfix' patch solves the problem. when restarted the printer status showing unable to connect. At this time is pinged to the remote pc it will. but tried to connect/access the shared folders/printers it always ask for username and password. it sometime take administrator other wise any std username...

plse help me to solve this.

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