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Cannot Connect To WiFi Hotspots

By gmichaels ·
I have a client with a wireless ready laptop that works just fine at home running AOL 9.0 broadband on a DSL connection, Linksys Router, DHCP enabled, WEP enabled, with TCP/IP set to obtain IP and DNS automatically. When he tries to connect on the road to an unsecured WiFi hotspot: the wireless connection is showing connection with excellent strength, ipconfig shows an IP, Subnet, and Gateway are assigned, but we can't access the internet. I cannot ping any external IPs. It is as if a firewall is active even though WinXP SP2 shows no firewalls are on. The only available firewall on the system is the win XP. There is however this AOL Port Manager running. Even with the AOL port manager disabled I still cannot connect. Neither IE or AOL can bring up web pages. AOL hangs on step 2 (TCP/IP). So it is as if the software does not see the connection even though I can see there is one. I hate AOL and suspect it is the problem or it has something to do with switching from a WEP enabled network to unsecured. Any suggestions?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Cannot Connect To WiFi Ho ...

I would recommend that you set up a second network connection for the user to use when on the home and away from his home connection.

Disable the home network connection when traveling and use the traveling one. And most public (hotel, coffee bars, etc.) don't use WEP from my experience. That should resolve the issue for you and the user.

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by brddog In reply to Cannot Connect To WiFi Ho ...

I seem to recall that XPsp2 will not conect to a unknown network. I am not sure of the exact steps to connect but I believe if you right click on the icon on the clock bar you will be able to see all available networks and connect to the one you want.
Hope this helps or someone can expand on this answer.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cannot Connect To WiFi Ho ...

i agree: the concept of aol on broadband bends the mind. behold: the power of cheese...
it is because of aol being the isp. this is first of many joys you will experience with aol. but i *would* buy aol stock...
luckily, when user is on road at wifi hotspot means by definition place is serving up internet ready for most browsers to connect to by default. except aol browser. which forces weird 'dialer' arrangement which has to know about the internet connection in it's aol Location settings. so if user is real aol jockey maybe they could add the connection type from within aol. but if not, maybe easy solution is just ask them to not use aol browser on the road, but insteawd use another browwser (untampered with internet exploere or netscape or opera or foxfire) to connect to internet then navigate by typeingt in address bar and logging into aol from there.
to restate: maybe simpler if they would give up aol browser interface while on road and instead connect like 'ordinary non aol people' that is, just open a (non aol) browser and poof you are on. else they have to try to configure aol to recognise the wifi connectino.
so first maybe try have them go to wifi hotspot, click on the blue E instead of the AOL icon....empty temp internet files and stuff. or maybe have them try foxfire or Opera for that additionasl on the road browsing saftety. we hope.
if no joy try start/run/command <enter> ipcnfig /releaase <enter>
ipcnfig /renew <enter>

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by gmichaels In reply to Cannot Connect To WiFi Ho ...

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