Cannot connect to Windows 2K3 server using Remote Desktop

By Diego ·
I am unable to connect to my Windows 2003 SBS Standard Server using Remote Desktop from a Windows XP client on the domain. I made sure RD is enabled on the server by going to the Remote tab of the System Properties Control panel and making sure allow remote desktop is checked off, I also went to the Terminal Service connections MMC Snap-in and made sure the connection was enabled in there too. Whenever i try to connect to the server from a client PC on the domain, i get this error " The client cannot connect to the remote computer, it may be busy or not accepting anymore connections". I can ping the Server with either it's IP address or Computer name. Also, any Client PC can connect via RD to any other Client PC, even the Server can connect to any Client PC. ANy suggestions on what may be preventing acces to the server via Remote Desktop? Thanks

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Cannot connect to Windows ...

you configure routing and remote access?
Admin tools Routing and Remote Access.

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by Diego In reply to Did

I don't believe that is the case, we are not using this server for vpn or NAT, i don't see any other options in Routing and Remote Access that would pertain to terminal services, is there something more specific you were refering to?

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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to Did

That's a good thought. SBS is really finnicky about the wizards, and sometimes things that seem unrelated don't work. I thought you were on the right track, but have just tested with an SBS 2003 box I have recently set up here. I haven't run the RRAS wizard yet, and I can RDP to it.

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A couple of Q's

by Jacky Howe In reply to Cannot connect to Windows ...

Remote Access, Remote Desktop what is the difference? You are still trying to achieve the same thing. This is a file server.

I must admit that i didn't try to connect remotely to my FS before enabling Routing & Remote Access. My reading of setting up RAS enabled the internal and external connections to the FS.

Go to the Remote tab of the System Properties Control panel Select Remote Users. Is there a list of users?

Is the user account that you are using a member of Mobile Users, Remote Desktop Users?

The other thing to look at is your Firewall.

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by Diego In reply to A couple of Q's

There is a list of remote user and they are all administrators on the domain. There has to be something else wrong because I wouldn't be getting that error message when i attempt an RD connection. There is no software firewall on the server but we do have a symantec gateway security firewall/router. but combed through it and haven't seen anything that would cause a problem, it's even setup to foward port 3389 to the server so we can use an RD connection externally to access the server. And the fact that any client can RD any other client on the LAN as well as the server to any client leads me to believe that the problem lies in the server.

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License issue

by ngruloos In reply to Cannot connect to Windows ...

Hi Diego,
this may be a license issue. To confirm this, please try using the console mode of your remote connection by running the command "mstsc /console".
If you can get it, then I would suggest that you upgrade your licensing, you can get more info at

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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to License issue

Good idea, but it doesn't apply to SBS. SBS lets you have two remote desktop connections out of the box (and that's a hard limit - you can't buy terminal services CALs for SBS).

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Number of Connected Users

by JMIRTC In reply to Cannot connect to Windows ...

I may be wrong but......

I am sure by default Win 2K3 will only accept 2 Remote connections

Check the "Users" Tab in "Task Manager" to ensure that there are no allocated but Disconnected Users

I had a Similar problem when an external user just disconnecting from the Server without Logging off first.


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Number of Connected Users - License issue

by ngruloos In reply to Number of Connected Users

yes, a maximum of 2 users/sessions can use Terminal Server/Remote Desktop. If you want to extend this value, you need CALS as mentioned in my previous reply.
By using the console mode ("msdtc/console"), you won't have this restriction but you can only have 1 console session at a time.
Best regards,

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