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    Cannot connect win2k pro to win2k domain


    by dnlemmor ·

    I have a upgraded a Windows 98 PC to Win 2000 Pro. But I
    was Unable to connect it to the domain. The error appears
    after I have supplied the domain username and password.
    The error message is “The following error occurred
    attempting to join the domain “ELAN”. The network name
    cannot be found. I have tried to search from the Microsoft knowledgebase but I can’t find answers.

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      AD domain

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to Cannot connect win2k pro to win2k domain

      When joining pre-Win2K clients (i.e. NT4) to an Active Directory domain, you must use the NetBIOS domain name when asked to specifiy the domain to join.

      When joining Win2K and later clients, you must specifiy the AD domain name.

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      joining domains

      by gerry kerr ·

      In reply to Cannot connect win2k pro to win2k domain

      One of the key differences between win98 nd win2000 is the need for the workstation to “join” the domain. In order to do this you need to have administrative privileges on the domain (or at least know the admin username and password).

      Once you have that, run through the network ID wizard accessed by right clicking on My Computer, click on the network identification tab and then the network ID button. The wizard straight forward and should be self explainatory.

      I am assuming that the PC could log on to the domain under Win 98 and the the network card, cabling hubs etc are all working (ie there are no conflicts in device manager, you get a link light on the hub that the PC is plugged into, etc etc)


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      common problems

      by tlath1972 ·

      In reply to Cannot connect win2k pro to win2k domain

      1.Make sure that you can ping the server
      2.Make sure that you typed in the correct username and password
      3.Make sure that you have the same subnet as the server
      Finally if the above are true try changing the computer name and then try to join

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